Betiana Blum

as Herself - Presenter in the movie Premios Clarín Espectáculos 2003

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Real name is Beatriz Ana Blum
Was born at 23 July 1939 (now is 79 years old) in Chaco, Argentina
There is some small facts about Betiana Blum:
  • Has a son named Sebastián Parrotta with her ex-husband Ricardo Parrotta.
Also look some video clip about Betiana Blum:
There is the list of movies, where Betiana Blum was taked part:
1 Premios Clarín Espectáculos 2003 movie Premios Clarín Espectáculos 2003 2003 as Herself - Presenter
2 Premios Martín Fierro 2005 movie Premios Martín Fierro 2005 2005 as Herself - Nominee: Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
3 ¿Quién es Alejandro Chomski? movie ¿Quién es Alejandro Chomski? 2002 as Herself
4 AM - Antes del mediodía movie AM - Antes del mediodía 2006 as Herself - Guest
5 Herederos de una venganza movie Herederos de una venganza 2011 as Delicia Leiva
6 La biblia y el calefón movie La biblia y el calefón 1997 as Herself - Guest
7 Morfi, todos a la mesa movie Morfi, todos a la mesa 2015 as Herself - Guest
8 2013 Premios Martín Fierro movie 2013 Premios Martín Fierro 2013 as Herself - Nominee: Best Guest Appearance in a TV Series
9 Acto de posesión movie Acto de posesión 1977 as Aurora
10 Atrapadas movie Atrapadas 1984 as Martina
11 Bajo bandera movie Bajo bandera 1997 as Bonavena
12 Carmen Maura, por sí misma movie Carmen Maura, por sí misma 2007 as Herself/Ofelia
13 Ciudad en celo movie Ciudad en celo 2006 as Marta
14 Convivencia movie Convivencia 1993 as Aurora
15 De eso no se habla movie De eso no se habla 1993 as Madama
16 El mar de Lucas movie El mar de Lucas 1999 as Ana
17 Esa maldita costilla movie Esa maldita costilla 1999 as Rosa
18 Esperando la carroza movie Esperando la carroza 1985 as Nora
19 Esperando la carroza 2: Se acabó la fiesta movie Esperando la carroza 2: Se acabó la fiesta 2009 as Nora De Musicardi
20 Extraños en la noche movie Extraños en la noche 2012 as Susana
21 Kiribati movie Kiribati 2017 as Marta
22 Las chicas del 3º movie Las chicas del 3º 2014 as Celia
23 Pol-Ka: 20 años movie Pol-Ka: 20 años 2014 as Herself - Guest
24 Premios Martín Fierro 2009 movie Premios Martín Fierro 2009 2010 as Herself - Nominee: Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series
25 Premios Martín Fierro 2011 movie Premios Martín Fierro 2011 2011 as Herself - Winner: Best Supporting Actress
26 Reinas movie Reinas 2005 as Ofelia
27 Rêve de Serpent movie Rêve de Serpent 2014 as Flora
28 Secret of the Andes movie Secret of the Andes 1999 as Mama Lola
29 Te amo movie Te amo 1986 as Coca
30 Tocar el cielo movie Tocar el cielo 2007 as Gloria
31 Un mundo de amor movie Un mundo de amor 1975 as Estela
32 Valientes, lo que nadie vio movie Valientes, lo que nadie vio 2010 as Herself/Argentina Prospera Varela
33 Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand movie Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand 1968 as Herself - Guest
34 Amo de casa movie Amo de casa 2006 as Patita
35 Atreverse movie Atreverse 1990 as Aguirre
36 Cacho de la esquina movie Cacho de la esquina 1973 as Laura
37 Caiga quien caiga - CQC movie Caiga quien caiga - CQC 1995 as Herself
38 Camino al amor movie Camino al amor 2014 as Amanda Rossi (2014)
39 Campeones de la vida movie Campeones de la vida 1999 as Clelia
40 Gracias por venir, gracias por estar movie Gracias por venir, gracias por estar 2012 as Herself - Guest
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