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as Bar waitress/dancer in the movie Aloha, Bobby and Rose

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Lovely, dynamic and personable brunette beauty Janus Blythe made herextremely strong and commanding presence felt in a choice bunch of highquality 70s horror pictures and exploitation features. The appealinglyspunky and attractive Janus began her acting career in the mid 70s withsmall roles as a room mate in the splendidly sleazy psycho opus "TheCenterfold Girls" and a groupie in Brian De Palma's marvelouslydelirious "Phantom of the Paradise. " Blythe achieved her greatest cultpopularity with her terrific portrayal of Ruby, the fed-up andsemi-civilized rebellious teenage daughter of the dangerous desertcannibal clan who defects from her highly dysfunctional brood and sideswith a family of opposing normal outsiders in Wes Craven's outstandingfright film classic "The Hills Have Eyes. " Blythe was originallyoffered the part of Lynn, but demanded that she try out for Rubyinstead.

Moreover, veteran B-movie actor and good friend Michael Patakiinformed Blythe about the auditions for "The Hills Have Eyes. " Janusreprised the role of Ruby in the atrocious belated sequel. Othermemorable parts include a small town tramp in Tobe Hooper's excellent"Eaten Alive," and a hapless lass who has a harrowing close call withthe titular murderous ghoul in the hugely enjoyable "The IncredibleMelting Man. " Her last acting credit to date was the early 90s actionitem "Soldier's Fortune. " Janus was interviewed in the niftydocumentary "Invasion of the Scream Queens.

" More recently the stillgorgeous and vivacious Blythe happily reminisced about her most famousrole in the immensely informative and entertaining retrospective DVDdocumentary "Looking Back at 'The Hills Have Eyes' . " Outside ofacting, Janus Blythe hosts her own talk show on Los Angeles publicaccess cable television. .

There is some small facts about Janus Blythe:
  • (March 2011) Lives in Palm Springs, California.
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There is the list of movies, where Janus Blythe was taked part:
1 Aloha, Bobby and Rose movie Aloha, Bobby and Rose 1975 as Bar waitress/dancer
2 The Hills Have Eyes Part II movie The Hills Have Eyes Part II 1984 as Rachel/Ruby
3 The Incredible Melting Man movie The Incredible Melting Man 1977 as Nell Winters
4 Black Oak Conspiracy movie Black Oak Conspiracy 1977 as Melba Barnes
5 C.B. Hustlers movie C.B. Hustlers 1976 as The C.B. Hustlers
6 Drive In Massacre movie Drive In Massacre 1977 as Alan's Girl
7 Eaten Alive movie Eaten Alive 1976 as Lynette
8 Gator Bait: An Interview with Janus Blythe movie Gator Bait: An Interview with Janus Blythe 2015 as Herself
9 Invasion of the Scream Queens movie Invasion of the Scream Queens 1992 as Herself
10 Kitty Cant Help It movie Kitty Cant Help It 1975 as Niteclub Waitress
11 Looking Back at The Hills Have Eyes movie Looking Back at The Hills Have Eyes 2003 as Herself
12 My Name Is Buck: A Look Back at Eaten Alive movie My Name Is Buck: A Look Back at Eaten Alive 2006 as Lynette
13 Phantom of the Paradise movie Phantom of the Paradise 1974 as Groupie
14 Soldiers Fortune movie Soldiers Fortune 1991 as Alex Prichard
15 Spine movie Spine 1986 as Carrie Lonegan
16 The Centerfold Girls movie The Centerfold Girls 1974 as Room Mate
17 The Cheerleaders movie The Cheerleaders 1976 as Cheerleader
18 The Hills Have Eyes movie The Hills Have Eyes 1977 as Ruby
19 Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape movie Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape 2010 as Herself
20 Zuma Beach movie Zuma Beach 1978 as Jennifer
21 Baretta movie Baretta 1975 as Sara
22 Barnaby Jones movie Barnaby Jones 1973 as Barmaid
23 Divorce Court movie Divorce Court 1984 as Gloria Cappuccino
24 Off the Wall movie Off the Wall 1986 as Star- Sketch Comedy
25 The McLean Stevenson Show movie The McLean Stevenson Show 1976 as Debbie
There is the list of some quotes of Janus Blythe:
  • "I was offered the role of Lynn, which Dee Wallace ending up doing, but I really wanted to be Ruby. Here was this challenging role of the animal girl, with dirt and leather and rattlesnakes, and saving the baby. I really fell in love with the character. I'd been up for a lot of parts like 'The Pom Pom Girls,' which were just T&A, and I never felt comfortable with that. The horror genre was much more to my liking." (on playing Ruby in "The Hills Have Eyes")
  • Once the shoot got going, I was Ruby. I mean, I was bruised, sore, cut, scratched ... Wes would keep telling the crew, 'Put more dirt on Janus - she's still too pretty.' So I would roll around in the dirt outside the trailer!
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