Lora Bofill

as Girl in Group in the movie Saving the Lives of Children

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A native of West Virginia, Lora's foray into acting started in theatre. From her first role as a tree at the age of 6, she went on to do summerstock, college, community, and professional theatre. Settling intoWashington DC, she booked her first on-camera role on a nationalcommercial for AOL. Numerous other commercials, industrial videos,voiceover, independent film, and TV roles soon followed.

She was a filmcritic and television co-host for the local DC cable TV entertainmentshow "Eclipse Magazine," and she continued to work in theatre,performing with Woolly Mammoth Theatre/Young Playwright's Theatre,Education and Entertainment Foundation in DC, Asian Stories In AmericaTheatre and QBD Ink Theatre, along with other theaters in the Midwest,including Gallery Players in Columbus, Ohio. Lora decided to move to Los Angeles to focus on film and television. In2012, she was selected as a best performer for the online web siteStarCast Auditions which seeks up and coming talent in Hollywood. Shecontinues to perform as a company member of the Ruskin Theatre Group inSanta Monica, CA, where she has both acted and directed. She has alsoreunited with Eclipse Magazine as their LA correspondent where sheinterviews producers, show runners, directors, and celebrities for theonline version of Eclipse Magazine.

Aside from acting, she has recently crossed over into producing. Usingher experience as a film critic and filmmaking classes at the New YorkFilm Academy in LA, CA, she makes her producer debut on the comedicshort film "Game Of Scones. ".

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There is the list of movies, where Lora Bofill was taked part:
1 Saving the Lives of Children movie Saving the Lives of Children 2008 as Girl in Group
2 Born Guilty movie Born Guilty 2016 as Sushi Woman
3 Heavens Hard Pitches movie Heavens Hard Pitches 2014 as Nurse
4 The Golden Plate movie The Golden Plate 2011 as Pippy
5 The Vineyard movie The Vineyard 2014 as Molly
6 Being Humphrey Bogart movie Being Humphrey Bogart 2014 as Kim
7 Slam Dance movie Slam Dance 2014 as Cindy
8 Zombies in Hollywood movie Zombies in Hollywood 2013 as Stephanie
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