Efrat Boimold

as Noa Shachar/Bat-Sheva Atias (2004-2005) in the movie Ha-Shir Shelanu

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Was born at 15 March 1980 (now is 39 years old) in Tel Aviv, Israel
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There is the list of movies, where Efrat Boimold was taked part:
1 Ha-Shir Shelanu movie Ha-Shir Shelanu 2004 as Noa Shachar/Bat-Sheva Atias (2004-2005)
2 Kalevet movie Kalevet 2010 as Rona
3 Phobidilia movie Phobidilia 2009 as Daniela
4 Shtey dakot miparadis movie Shtey dakot miparadis 2002 as July Gross
5 Ha-Pijamot movie Ha-Pijamot 2003 as Ronit Mega-Star
6 Hakol Shafit movie Hakol Shafit 2015 as Hostess
7 HaYisraelim movie HaYisraelim 2007 as Tali
8 Lo Hivtachti Lach movie Lo Hivtachti Lach 2006 as Dana
9 Mishak Hahayim movie Mishak Hahayim 2003 as Shiran Hason
10 Shnaim movie Shnaim 2006 as Herself
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