Icíar Bollaín

as Herself in the movie Gala Amnistía Internacional

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Real name is María Icíar Bollaín Pérez-Mínguez
Was born at 12 June 1967 (now is 51 years old) in Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Born in Madrid, Iciar Bollain has worked as an actress in films such ElSur (1983), directed by Víctor Erice; Sublet (1991) directed by ChusGutiérrez, Malaventura (1988) directed by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón; ElMejor de los Tiempos (1990) and Un Paraguas para Tres (1992) directedby Felipe Vega, Tierra y Libertad (1995) directed by Ken Loach, LEO(2000) directed by Jose Luis Borau, Nos Miran (2002) directed byNorberto Pérez, La Balsa de Piedra (2003) directed by Geogre Sluiezerand La Noche del Hermano (2005) directed by Santiago García de Leániz. As a director, Icíar has written and directed many renowned films. Flowers from Another World, her second film, was awarded at Cannes FilmFestival in 1999 (Best Film in the International Critics' Week). Takemy eyes (2003), her following film as writer and director, won 7 Goyas(Spanish Academy Awards), including Best Film, among many otherinternational awards.

She directed a script by Paul Laverty in 2009,Even the Rain. The film obtained national and internationalrecognition: 13 nominations to the Goya Awards, Panorama Award at theBerlinale, Ariel Award to best Latin-American film and it was in theshort list of the foreign films selected for the Academy Awards in 2010representing Spain. In 2011 she directed and co-wrote Katmandú, unEspejo en el Cielo. The film was nominated to the Goya Awads in thecategories of Best Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay. In 2014 it wasreleased En Tierra Extraña, a documentary that Iciar directed about thelife of young Spanish immigrants in Edinburgh, Scotland, who had toleave Spain due to recession and unemployment Iciar Bollain iscurrently in pre-production of his next film, The Olive Tree, a newcollaboration with the writer Paul Laverty and Morena Films.

The filmwill start principal photography in May 2015. .

There is some small facts about Icíar Bollaín:
  • Twin sister of 'Marina Bollaín' .
  • Has two children.
  • Her cousin is 'Juan Sebastián Bollaín' .
  • Partner is writer 'Paul Laverty' .
  • Along with Fernando Fernán Gómez, she's the only person to have been nominated as performer (Leo (2000), director (Mataharis (2007) and writer (Katmandú, un espejo en el cielo (2011) for three diferent movies at the Goya awards. She actually won as director and co-writer for Te doy mis ojos (2003).
Also look some video clip about Icíar Bollaín:
There is the list of movies, where Icíar Bollaín was taked part:
1 Gala Amnistía Internacional movie Gala Amnistía Internacional 2006 as Herself
2 IX premios Goya movie IX premios Goya 1995 as Herself - Presenter
3 Los Goya 26 edición movie Los Goya 26 edición 2012 as Herself - Nominee: Best Adapted Screenplay & Presenter: Best Film
4 Premios Fotogramas de Plata 2009 movie Premios Fotogramas de Plata 2009 2010 as Herself - Presenter: Honorary Award
5 XV premios Goya movie XV premios Goya 2001 as Herself - Nominee: Best Lead Actress
6 XXI Premios Anuales de la Academia movie XXI Premios Anuales de la Academia 2007 as Herself - Presenter
7 Miguel Servet, la sangre y la ceniza movie Miguel Servet, la sangre y la ceniza 1989 as Chica anabaptista
8 23 premios Goya movie 23 premios Goya 2009 as Herself - Presenter: Best New Actress & Actor
9 24 Mentiras movie 24 Mentiras 2012 as Guionista y Directora
10 53 premis Sant Jordi de cinematografia movie 53 premis Sant Jordi de cinematografia 2009 as Maite
11 Dime una mentira movie Dime una mentira 1993 as María
12 Diálogos de cine movie Diálogos de cine 2008 as Herself
13 Doblones de a ocho movie Doblones de a ocho 1990 as Anita
14 El cine en las venas movie El cine en las venas 2005 as Herself/Leo
15 El mejor de los tiempos movie El mejor de los tiempos 1989 as Maria
16 El productor movie El productor 2006 as Herself
17 El sur movie El sur 1983 as Estrella - 15 años
18 El techo del mundo movie El techo del mundo 1995 as Teresa
19 Entretiempo movie Entretiempo 1992 as Sandra
20 Hola, ¿estás sola? movie Hola, ¿estás sola? 1995 as Cantante en karaoke
21 I edición de los Premios de la Música movie I edición de los Premios de la Música 1997 as Herself - Nominee: Best Music Video
22 IV Premis Gaudí de lAcadèmia del Cinema Català movie IV Premis Gaudí de lAcadèmia del Cinema Català 2012 as Herself - Nominee: Best Film not in the Catalan Language
23 Jardines colgantes movie Jardines colgantes 1993 as Chica
24 La balsa de piedra movie La balsa de piedra 2002 as Maria
25 La noche del hermano movie La noche del hermano 2005 as Julia
26 Land and Freedom movie Land and Freedom 1995 as Maite
27 Las dos orillas movie Las dos orillas 1987 as Icíar
28 Leo movie Leo 2000 as Leo
29 Los Goya 25 años movie Los Goya 25 años 2011 as Herself - Nominee: Best Director
30 Malaventura movie Malaventura 1988 as Rocío
31 Menos que cero movie Menos que cero 1996 as Amaya
32 Mientras haya luz movie Mientras haya luz 1987 as María
33 Niño nadie movie Niño nadie 1997 as Asun
34 Nos miran movie Nos miran 2002 as Julia
35 Premios Goya 30 edición movie Premios Goya 30 edición 2016 as Herself - Presenter: Best New Director
36 Rabia movie Rabia 2009 as Marimar
37 Sara, una estrella movie Sara, una estrella 2002 as Herself
38 Subjúdice movie Subjúdice 1998 as Paula
39 Sublet movie Sublet 1992 as Laura
40 Tocando fondo movie Tocando fondo 1993 as Araceli
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