Anna (I) Bolt

as Elizabeth Knight in the movie 15: The Life and Death of Philip Knight

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There is some small facts about Anna (I) Bolt:
  • Sister of film producer 'Jeremy Bolt' .
Also look some video clip about Anna (I) Bolt:
There is the list of movies, where Anna (I) Bolt was taked part:
1 15: The Life and Death of Philip Knight movie 15: The Life and Death of Philip Knight 1993 as Elizabeth Knight
2 Midsomer Murders movie Midsomer Murders 1997 as Suhami/Sylvie Gamelin
3 Crimetime movie Crimetime 1996 as Sandy
4 Cyclops movie Cyclops 2001 as Ly
5 Dance for Eternity movie Dance for Eternity 2008 as Her
6 DOA: Dead or Alive movie DOA: Dead or Alive 2006 as Nurse Jones
7 Resident Evil movie Resident Evil 2002 as Dr. Green
8 Resident Evil: Retribution movie Resident Evil: Retribution 2012 as Dr. Green
9 Running Time movie Running Time 2000 as KJ
10 The Investigator movie The Investigator 1997 as Pvt. Brenda Riley
11 The Place of the Dead movie The Place of the Dead 1997 as Kathryn
12 The Turn of the Screw movie The Turn of the Screw 1992 as Anna
13 Vigo movie Vigo 1998 as Misha
14 War Wounds movie War Wounds 2010 as Louise
15 Casualty movie Casualty 1986 as Sally Lister
16 Doctors movie Doctors 2000 as Susan Wingrove
17 Down to Earth movie Down to Earth 2000 as Sally Simmons
18 Heartbeat movie Heartbeat 1992 as Maureen Harding
19 Holby City movie Holby City 1999 as Claire Wright
20 Keeping Up Appearances movie Keeping Up Appearances 1990 as The dancer
21 London Bridge movie London Bridge 1995 as Nell Miller
22 Soldier Soldier movie Soldier Soldier 1991 as Nursery Nurse
23 The Bill movie The Bill 1984 as Kay Ross
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