Lilian Bond

as Edna Jackson, Boynton's Secretary in the movie Its Tough to Be Famous

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Was born at 18 January 1908 in London, England, UK . Died at 25 January 1991, Reseda, California, USA (heart attack)

An attractive, wavy-haired brunette Londoner, Lilian Bond graduated fromBrompton Oratory School and began her show business career inpantomimes and revues as a teenager. She travelled to America in 1926to appear on Broadway in the 'Ziegfeld Follies' and for'Earl Carroll (I)' 's 'Vanities', as well as playing Rosamanda in'Fioretta' with 'Fanny Brice' . One of her subsequent roles was in'Stepping Out' (1929) with 'Lionel Atwill' , a part she laterreprised on screen. Her film roles generally saw her as the 'otherwoman', except for a notable performance as Gladys DuCane, one of thetemporary lodgers at The Old Dark House (1932) and, of course,'Lily Langtry' in The Westerner (1940) .

A beauty in hertime, once photographed in the nude by Alfred Cheney Johnston and laterromantically linked to 'Howard Hughes (I)' , she retired from filmsat the age of 50. .

There is some small facts about Lilian Bond:
  • Remembered as an ethereal Lily Langtry, object of "Judge" Roy Bean's unyielding desire in The Westerner (1940) .
  • Two step-children, Michael Fessier and Jo Kelly.
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There is the list of movies, where Lilian Bond was taked part:
1 Its Tough to Be Famous movie Its Tough to Be Famous 1932 as Edna Jackson, Boynton's Secretary
2 The Trial of Vivienne Ware movie The Trial of Vivienne Ware 1932 as Dolores Divine
3 A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen movie A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen 1942 as Adele Belden
4 A Tragedy at Midnight movie A Tragedy at Midnight 1942 as Lola
5 Affairs of a Gentleman movie Affairs of a Gentleman 1934 as Carlotta Barbe
6 Air Mail movie Air Mail 1932 as Irene Wilkins
7 Beauty and the Boss movie Beauty and the Boss 1932 as Girl at Bar
8 Blond Cheat movie Blond Cheat 1938 as Roberta Trent
9 China Seas movie China Seas 1935 as Mrs. Timmons
10 Dirty Work movie Dirty Work 1934 as Evie Wynne
11 Double Harness movie Double Harness 1933 as Monica Page
12 Fighter Squadron movie Fighter Squadron 1948 as English Lady
13 Fireman, Save My Child movie Fireman, Save My Child 1932 as June Farnum
14 Hell Bent for Love movie Hell Bent for Love 1934 as Millicent 'Millie' Garland
15 Her Splendid Folly movie Her Splendid Folly 1933 as Jill McAllister/Laura Gerard
16 Hollywood on Parade No. A-9 movie Hollywood on Parade No. A-9 1933 as Herself
17 Hot Pepper movie Hot Pepper 1933 as Hortense
18 Hot Saturday movie Hot Saturday 1932 as Eva Randolph
19 Just a Gigolo movie Just a Gigolo 1931 as Lady Agatha Carrol
20 Man About Town movie Man About Town 1932 as Carlotta Cortez
21 Man in the Attic movie Man in the Attic 1953 as Annie Rowley
22 Manhattan Parade movie Manhattan Parade 1931 as Sewing Girl
23 No More Children movie No More Children 1929 as Mary Grail
24 Nocturne movie Nocturne 1946 as Mrs. Billings
25 Pick-up movie Pick-up 1933 as Muriel Stevens
26 Pirates of Tripoli movie Pirates of Tripoli 1955 as Sono
27 Rider of the Plains movie Rider of the Plains 1931 as Betty Harper
28 Sagebrush Politics movie Sagebrush Politics 1929 as Sheriff's Daughter
29 Scotland Yard movie Scotland Yard 1941 as Lady Constance
30 Shadow on the Wall movie Shadow on the Wall 1950 as Attendant
31 Stepping Out movie Stepping Out 1931 as Cleo Del Rio
32 Sued for Libel movie Sued for Libel 1939 as Mrs. Muriel Webster
33 Take a Chance movie Take a Chance 1933 as Thelma Green
34 That Forsyte Woman movie That Forsyte Woman 1949 as Old Jolyon's Maid
35 The Big Brain movie The Big Brain 1933 as Dorothy Norton
36 The Big Trees movie The Big Trees 1952 as Daisy's Girl
37 The Bishop Misbehaves movie The Bishop Misbehaves 1935 as Mrs. Waller
38 The Great Lover movie The Great Lover 1931 as Mrs. Loring
39 The Housekeepers Daughter movie The Housekeepers Daughter 1939 as Gladys
40 The Jolson Story movie The Jolson Story 1946 as Woman
There is the list of some articles of Lilian Bond:
  • "Variety" (USA), 4 February 1991, pg. 104, "Lilian Bond"
  • "New York Times" (USA), 29 January 1991, pg. B5:2, "Lilian Bond, 83, Dies; Film Actress in 30's"
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