Joana Bonet

as Herself - Tertuliana in the movie La actualidad en 2D

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Was born at 1966 (now is 53 years old) in Vinaixa, Lleida, Catalonia, Spain
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There is the list of movies, where Joana Bonet was taked part:
1 La actualidad en 2D movie La actualidad en 2D 2006 as Herself - Tertuliana
2 59 segundos movie 59 segundos 2004 as Herself
3 Bon dia, Catalunya movie Bon dia, Catalunya 1992 as Herself
4 Carandelario movie Carandelario 1990 as Herself
5 Channel nº 4 movie Channel nº 4 2005 as Herself
6 Corazón de... movie Corazón de... 1997 as Herself
7 D-Calle movie D-Calle 2006 as Herself
8 Disculpin les molèsties movie Disculpin les molèsties 2010 as Herself
9 Divendres movie Divendres 2009 as Herself
10 Gent de paraula movie Gent de paraula 2010 as Herself
11 La columna movie La columna 2000 as Herself
12 La mañana de la 1 movie La mañana de la 1 2009 as Herself
13 Las mañanas de Cuatro movie Las mañanas de Cuatro 2006 as Herself
14 Lletra petita movie Lletra petita 2013 as Herself
15 Los desayunos de TVE movie Los desayunos de TVE 1994 as Herself
16 Los unos y los otros movie Los unos y los otros 1994 as Herself
17 TeleMonegal movie TeleMonegal 2003 as Herself
18 Toni Rovira y tú movie Toni Rovira y tú 1999 as Herself
19 Vox populi movie Vox populi 1994 as Herself
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