Carmen Boni

as La comtesse Tamberlani in the movie Dhomme à hommes

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Real name is Maria Carmela Bonicatti
Was born at 8 April 1901 in Rome, Lazio, Italy . Died at 19 November 1963, Paris, France (road accident)
There is some small facts about Carmen Boni:
  • Sister of cinematographer 'Mario Bonicatti (I)' .
  • From 1927 she worked often in Berlin and took part in some German silent movies. The talkies prevented a continuation of her career in Germany and she appeared from now on in Italian and French movies again.
  • The actress Carmen Boni belonged to the second generation of Italian divas, whose appearance was influenced by the tradition of the "Divismo".
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There is the list of movies, where Carmen Boni was taked part:
1 Dhomme à hommes movie Dhomme à hommes 1948 as La comtesse Tamberlani
2 Der Adjutant des Zaren movie Der Adjutant des Zaren 1929 as Helena di Armore
3 Gehetzte Frauen movie Gehetzte Frauen 1927 as Angelica, Clarinas Tochter
4 Ihr letztes Liebesabenteuer movie Ihr letztes Liebesabenteuer 1927 as Marys Tante
5 La storia di una piccola Parigina movie La storia di una piccola Parigina 1928 as Totte
6 Liebeskarneval movie Liebeskarneval 1928 as Jacqueline, junge Gräfin
7 Quartier Latin movie Quartier Latin 1929 as Louisette Mercier (Mimi)
8 Addio giovinezza! movie Addio giovinezza! 1927 as Dorina, a seamstress
9 Der fidele Bauer movie Der fidele Bauer 1929 as Spreewälderin
10 Die Gefangene von Shanghai movie Die Gefangene von Shanghai 1927 as Maria
11 Il focolare spento movie Il focolare spento 1925 as Marie
12 Il richiamo del cuore movie Il richiamo del cuore 1930 as Sarah
13 Katharina Knie movie Katharina Knie 1929 as Katherina Knie
14 La bocca chiusa movie La bocca chiusa 1925 as Jolanda
15 La femme en homme movie La femme en homme 1932 as Claude
16 La grazia movie La grazia 1929 as Simona
17 La riva dei bruti movie La riva dei bruti 1931 as Alma
18 La vacanza del diavolo movie La vacanza del diavolo 1931 as Lina Hobart
19 Le comte de Monte Cristo, 2ème époque: Le châtiment movie Le comte de Monte Cristo, 2ème époque: Le châtiment 1943 as La Colombine
20 Ne sois pas jalouse movie Ne sois pas jalouse 1934 as Lia Berthier
21 Prinzessin Olala movie Prinzessin Olala 1928 as Prinzessin Xenia
22 Quella vecchia canaglia movie Quella vecchia canaglia 1934 as Elena
23 Scampolo movie Scampolo 1928 as Scampolo, römisches Bettelmädchen
The image of Maria Carmela Bonicatti was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Sonderbeilage zu "Ton und Bild"" (Germany), 1929, Vol. ?, Iss. ?
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