Reina Boone

as Unemployed Professional in the movie Test the Nation 2

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Was born at 10 June 1980 (now is 38 years old) in Orange County, California, USA
There is some small facts about Reina Boone:
  • She recorded with Parisian/French electronic musician and DJ Chris Carrier in 2010 on his latest album "Gosse De Paris", Robsoul Records.
  • She grew up surfing and skateboarding in Orange County, California. One of her first jobs was at a surf shop in Newport Beach, California. She also worked for Surfer magazine in her late teens.
  • She graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara, and majored in film.
  • She is also a musician and recorded her first 2 albums in the back of her van.
  • Her mother is from Japan and her father is American.
Also look some video clip about Reina Boone:
There is the list of movies, where Reina Boone was taked part:
1 Test the Nation 2 movie Test the Nation 2 2004 as Unemployed Professional
There is the list of interview of Reina Boone:
  • "The Orange County Register" (USA), 15 May 2007, by: Kelly Fadroski, "Locally World Famous: "Driving to Stardom in an Astro Van""
There is the list of some articles of Reina Boone:
  • "OC Weekly" (USA), 9 August 2007, by: Rex Reason, "Aural Reports: "From Her Van To Your Mind""
There is the list of some printed articles of Boone, Reina:
  • "Performing Songwriter Magazine" (USA), January 2008, "Do-It-Yourself Picks"
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