Veda Ann Borg

as Girl at Bar with Phil in the movie Bring on the Girls

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Was born at 11 January 1915 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA . Died at 16 August 1973, Hollywood, California, USA (cancer)

Born in Boston, Veda Ann Borg was a New York model in 1936 when a screentest brought her a short-lived contract at Paramount, where she madeher debut film, Three Cheers for Love (1936) . She fit better atWarner Brothers, where she played at least 15 roles (some of them bits)in 1937-38; but in 1939 a severe auto crash, requiring full facialreconstruction by plastic surgery, interrupted her career. Stillattractive, she freelanced through the 1940s, often at "poverty row"studios like Monogram. In many of her films (both before and after theaccident) she played a brassy, man-hungry, lower-class sexpot.

Despiteconsiderable talent, she received leading roles only in a few B filmslike What a Blonde (1945) . Veda could make the smallest bit partmemorable, though, with one line or a bit of business. Who could forgetthe sassy once-over she gives 'Wayne Morris (I)' in Kid Galahad (1937) or her "modderen singer of modderen songs" in The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947) . Her later roles weremore varied, from a zombie to Blind Nell (a memorable last role) in The Alamo (1960) . Veda's second marriage (1946-1958), todirector 'Andrew V.

McLaglen' , produced three children: MaryMcLaglen, Josh McLaglen, and Andrew Victor McLaglen II. She died ofcancer in Hollywood at age 58 after at least 100 film roles. .

There is some small facts about Veda Ann Borg:
  • Mother of unit manager 'Mary McLaglen' , assistant director/co-producer 'Josh McLaglen' , and Andrew Victor McLaglen II (born August 3, 1954 - died (in Maui, Hawaii) January 16, 2006).
  • Father, Swedish immigrant Gottfried Borg, was a painter and decorator.
  • Mother, Minna nee Noble, was a secretary before marriage.
  • Before Veda became a model, she hoped to become a cartoonist.
  • She met second husband 'Andrew V. McLaglen' in 1945 when appearing with his father 'Victor McLaglen' in Love, Honor and Goodbye (1945) .
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There is the list of movies, where Veda Ann Borg was taked part:
1 Bring on the Girls movie Bring on the Girls 1945 as Girl at Bar with Phil
2 Love Me or Leave Me movie Love Me or Leave Me 1955 as Dance Hall Hostess
3 The Case of the Stuttering Bishop movie The Case of the Stuttering Bishop 1937 as Gladys
4 The Falcon in Hollywood movie The Falcon in Hollywood 1944 as Billie Atkins
5 The Girl from Monterrey movie The Girl from Monterrey 1943 as Flossie Rankin
6 Three Cheers for Love movie Three Cheers for Love 1936 as Consuelo Dormant
7 The Abbott and Costello Show movie The Abbott and Costello Show 1952 as Angry Wife
8 The Ford Television Theatre movie The Ford Television Theatre 1952 as Lulu LaRue
9 A Perilous Journey movie A Perilous Journey 1953 as Sadie
10 Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick movie Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick 1952 as Girl in red
11 About Face movie About Face 1942 as Daisy, Blonde Hustler
12 Accomplice movie Accomplice 1946 as Joyce Kimball Bonniwell
13 Alcatraz Island movie Alcatraz Island 1937 as The Red Head
14 Arkansas Judge movie Arkansas Judge 1941 as Hettie Huston
15 Avalanche movie Avalanche 1946 as Claire Jeremy
16 Behind the News movie Behind the News 1940 as Bessie
17 Big Jim McLain movie Big Jim McLain 1952 as Madge
18 Big Town movie Big Town 1946 as Vivian LeRoy
19 Bitter Creek movie Bitter Creek 1954 as Whitey
20 Bitter Sweet movie Bitter Sweet 1940 as Manon
21 Blonde Savage movie Blonde Savage 1947 as Connie Harper
22 Cafe Hostess movie Cafe Hostess 1940 as Cafe Hostess
23 Chicken Every Sunday movie Chicken Every Sunday 1949 as Rita Kirby
24 Confession movie Confession 1937 as Xenia
25 Dangerous Intruder movie Dangerous Intruder 1945 as Jenny
26 Detective Kitty ODay movie Detective Kitty ODay 1944 as Mrs. Wentworth
27 Don Juan Quilligan movie Don Juan Quilligan 1945 as Beattle LaRue
28 Down in San Diego movie Down in San Diego 1941 as Cashier
29 Dr. Christian Meets the Women movie Dr. Christian Meets the Women 1940 as Carol Compton
30 Duke of the Navy movie Duke of the Navy 1942 as Maureen
31 False Faces movie False Faces 1943 as Joyce Ford
32 Fog Island movie Fog Island 1945 as Sylvia
33 Forgotten Women movie Forgotten Women 1949 as Clair Dunning
34 Frontier Gambler movie Frontier Gambler 1956 as Francie Merritt
35 Glamour for Sale movie Glamour for Sale 1940 as Lucille
36 Guys and Dolls movie Guys and Dolls 1955 as Laverne
37 Hold That Line movie Hold That Line 1952 as Candy Calin
38 Honky Tonk movie Honky Tonk 1941 as Pearl
39 Hot News movie Hot News 1953 as Doris Burton
40 I Married an Angel movie I Married an Angel 1942 as Ilona Prohaska
There is the list of some quotes of Veda Ann Borg:
  • [on her first major role after plastic reconstructive surgery due to a serious auto accident] I felt I had come back from the grave.
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