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Vanessa Born grew up in Granite Bay, California. Born July 21st, 1992(the year of the monkey). She was raised by Bill Von-Bjorn a UK/Dutchcomputer programmer in the Silicon Valley and Marielle Von-Bjorn aNative American care-giver for the elderly. (Although her biologicalfather, identity is NON-Disclosed, he's rumored to have been a Diplomatof Italian descent from San Francisco.

) Born proudly proclaims she was,"raised by a television. "Which is where Born started her career at age 12, appearing on a myriadof shows such as: "All of Us," "Eve," "One on One," "CSI NY,"and"Hannah Montana. " Which led to recurring work on Nick Cannon's MTVShow, "Short Circutz. " NBC and Aaron Sorkin took notice and cast heropposite Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford as Laci on "Studio 60 onthe Sunset Strip. " Born attributes Sorkin for, "growing her up" and"knowing why each punctuation means everything.

" Which was a greatthing as Born then went to HBO next, working with George Clooney andGrant Heslov in an "Unscripted;" pilot about the NBA. This was deja vu,as Born was an NBA cheerleader for a time with the Sacramento Kings PRONBA Dance team. Cheer & Dance have aided Born a lot in her career,especially while staring alongside Christina Milian in "Bring It OnFight To The Finish," playing Gloria. It was on this film Born realizedher passion for film, she quotes, "it just feels different having tolive with a character for 3-6 months, rather than popping in on a TVshow for a week. " Born began working in Indy films as a result.

Born'stireless efforts for bringing awareness to LGBTQIA films grew, beingnominated 3 years at OUTFEST Film Festival, here in Los Angeles. Yet itwas METHODFEST that gave Born her first award for Best Actress. Missingthe laughter of television, and being reached out to by writer AlysonFouse, on Twitter. Born got brought back to television by HARPO in theTV Show, "Herlarious," staring Wanda Sikes. That led up to the dealmade by SHOWTIME (a sponsor of OUTFEST), Where Born played opposite JonVoight in the series season 2 premiere of "Ray Donovan," playingJazmin.

So what's next???Born is headed to the BAFTA Nomination here in Los Angeles for for thefilm "South Arcadia St. " Directed by Melanie D'Andrea and is proud thefilm world is embracing her once again!.

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There is the list of movies, where Vanessa Born was taked part:
1 Bring It On: Fight to the Finish movie Bring It On: Fight to the Finish 2009 as Gloria
2 High School Musical Dance-Along movie High School Musical Dance-Along 2006 as Dancer
3 Long Distance Revolutionary: A Journey with Mumia Abu-Jamal movie Long Distance Revolutionary: A Journey with Mumia Abu-Jamal 2012 as Other cast
4 Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz movie Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz 2007 as Girl
5 Apples and Oranges movie Apples and Oranges 2012 as Transgender
6 Edmond movie Edmond 2005 as Kissing Girl in Elevator
7 Faded Dreams movie Faded Dreams 2007 as Jessie
8 Gringas movie Gringas 2011 as Asia
9 Jillian Sometimes movie Jillian Sometimes 2011 as Layla
10 Katrina movie Katrina 2007 as Store Manager
11 Mr. Fix It movie Mr. Fix It 2006 as Pretty Latina
12 No Boundaries movie No Boundaries 2012 as Rayne
13 Oh Snap! Im Trapped in the House with a Crazy Lunatic Serial Killer! movie Oh Snap! Im Trapped in the House with a Crazy Lunatic Serial Killer! 2008 as Casey
14 Over the Line movie Over the Line 2006 as Girl at Wallace's
15 Precious Meadows movie Precious Meadows 2008 as Camilla Gomez
16 Sky movie Sky 2008 as Cielo
17 South Arcadia St. movie South Arcadia St. 2014 as Ms. Ramirez
18 Straight Boys movie Straight Boys 2006 as Lori
19 The Lockdown Club movie The Lockdown Club 2007 as Maricella
20 The Lonely Italian movie The Lonely Italian 2015 as Vanessa
21 The Unbreaking Point movie The Unbreaking Point 2009 as Lorie
22 Tres movie Tres 2007 as Medeira
23 Underpass movie Underpass 2007 as Ana
24 What Is Momo? movie What Is Momo? 2015 as JMNN Reporter Gloria
25 Whats Your Sign movie Whats Your Sign 2013 as Kelly
26 2 for Flinching movie 2 for Flinching 2013 as Dancer #2
27 All of Us movie All of Us 2003 as Delicious
28 Burning Bridges movie Burning Bridges 2013 as Naomi the Casting Director
29 Cheers 2 That! movie Cheers 2 That! 2014 as Guest-Herself
30 CSI: NY movie CSI: NY 2004 as Nurse
31 DownstairsGuys movie DownstairsGuys 2008 as Taryn
32 Eve movie Eve 2003 as Girl
33 Film Permit Police movie Film Permit Police 2015 as Rough Dancer 1
34 Hannah Montana movie Hannah Montana 2006 as Carmen
35 My Olde Roommate movie My Olde Roommate 2014 as Karen Van Gibbons
36 One on One movie One on One 2001 as Girl #1
37 Ray Donovan movie Ray Donovan 2013 as Jazmin
38 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip movie Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 2006 as Laci
39 The Young & Rebellious movie The Young & Rebellious 2011 as Melody
40 Upstairs Girls movie Upstairs Girls 2008 as Taryn
There is the list of interview of Vanessa Born:
  • "Media Blvd Magazine" (USA), 11 September 2009, by: Kenn Gold, "Vanessa Born In The Next Installment of "Bring It On""
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