Annie Bos

as Annie van Dalen in the movie De vloek van het testament

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Was born at 10 December 1886 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands . Died at 3 August 1975, Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Annie Bos was born on December 10, 1886 to painter Gerard Jan Bos andhis wife Aletta Gertruda Maria Halberstadt. She studied drama inAntwerp and debuted in Dutch theaters in 1909. She only played smallroles and bit parts, until she was discovered by director MauritsBinger in 1912, who immediately cast her in De Levende Ladder (1913). Bos signed with film studio Hollandia and soon became the leading ladyof its studio.

The films she appeared in were usually released inFrance and Germany as well and some even made it to American cinemas. The public praised her for using real emotions in front of the camera,rather than melodrama. By 1914, she was called the Dutch Asta Nielsen. One of her biggest film roles, was Majoor Frans (1916). She became anational celebrity and was recognized as the first movie star of itscountry.

Bos soon had more acting opportunities and chose her rolescarefully. She proved her acting talents in films, such as Het Geheimvan Delft (1917) and Een Carmen van het Noorden (1919). She performedall her own stunts. For 'Het Geheim van Delft' (1917), she was requiredto be tied to a windmill at a height of 40 meters. Hollandia fell apart in 1919 and to avoid bankruptcy, they worked withan English movie studio.

They ordered to get Bos fired, because theythought she was too old. Bos was asked by an American movie studio tomake films there. They were planning on remaking 'Een Carmen van hetNoorden', which was released in the United States and became a hugesuccess. Bos arrived in New York in 1921, but discovered the movie studio wasbroken down. She stayed for a year, trying to get acting jobs inmovies.

She had no luck, however. After appearing next to Pearl Whitein Without Fear (1922), she traveled to Germany, in hope to have moreluck there. It turned out to be a disappointment as well. By 1924, Bos moved back to the Netherlands. Alex Benno, an old friend,casted her in Mooi Juultje van Volendam (1924), which became a hugefailure in box office.

She decides to retire from movies and pursued acareer in stage. She was casted in 'Madame Dubarry', which premiered in1924 and became a great success. Bos retired from acting completely in 1925 to become a housewife. Shemarried Cornelis Loeff and refused to ever talk about her acting careeragain. She was forgotten entirely by the public.

Her death in 1975 wentby unnoticed by the press. .

There is some small facts about Annie Bos:
  • Willeke van Ammelroy portrayed her in theater in 2006.
  • Pursued an acting career in Germany in the early 1920s, but had no success.
  • She was the first Dutch actress to pursue a career in America. She arrived in New York in 1921, but failed to get movie roles.
  • She is called the Dutch Asta Nielsen.
  • She was crowned Holland's first movie star.
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There is the list of movies, where Annie Bos was taked part:
1 De vloek van het testament movie De vloek van het testament 1915 as Annie van Dalen
2 De vrouw Clasina movie De vrouw Clasina 1915 as Dochter van de schipper/Bargee's Daughter
3 Twee zeeuwsche meisjes in Zandvoort movie Twee zeeuwsche meisjes in Zandvoort 1913 as Mijntje
4 Weergevonden movie Weergevonden 1914 as Boerin/Farmer's wife//Vrouw in restaurant/Woman in restaurant
5 Amerikaansche meisjes movie Amerikaansche meisjes 1918 as Anny
6 Boerenidylle movie Boerenidylle 1914 as Farmer's daughter
7 De Bertha movie De Bertha 1914 as Nelly
8 De kroon der schande movie De kroon der schande 1918 as Jess Newton
9 De levende ladder movie De levende ladder 1913 as Annie
10 Een Carmen van het Noorden movie Een Carmen van het Noorden 1919 as Carmen
11 Een partij schaak movie Een partij schaak 1914 as Vrouw des huizes
12 Gouden ketenen movie Gouden ketenen 1917 as Lona
13 Heilig recht movie Heilig recht 1914 as Leida van Galen
14 Het geheim van Delft movie Het geheim van Delft 1917 as Annie Vogel
15 Het geheim van den vuurtoren movie Het geheim van den vuurtoren 1916 as Van der Meulen's huishoudster/Van der Meulens' housekeeper
16 Het goudvischje movie Het goudvischje 1919 as Greta Rikkers
17 Het verborgen leven movie Het verborgen leven 1920 as Rose Arundel
18 John Heriots Wife movie John Heriots Wife 1920 as Weduwe Clara Headcombe
19 La renzoni movie La renzoni 1916 as Alda
20 Liefde waakt movie Liefde waakt 1914 as Jennie
21 Liefdesoffer movie Liefdesoffer 1916 as Margareet Blanker
22 Liefdesstrijd movie Liefdesstrijd 1915 as Kate van Marlen
23 Luchtkastelen movie Luchtkastelen 1914 as Alice Stanton
24 Madame Pinkette & Co movie Madame Pinkette & Co 1917 as Liane Fraser
25 Majoor Frans movie Majoor Frans 1916 as Francis Mordaunt alias Majoor Frans
26 Mooi Juultje van Volendam movie Mooi Juultje van Volendam 1924 as Juultje
27 Nederland en Oranje movie Nederland en Oranje 1913 as Maria Tesselschade
28 Ontmaskerd movie Ontmaskerd 1915 as Marfa Darbet
29 Oorlog en vrede - 1914 movie Oorlog en vrede - 1914 1918 as Anny Godard
30 Oorlog en vrede - 1916 movie Oorlog en vrede - 1916 1918 as Any Godard
31 Oorlog en vrede - 1918 movie Oorlog en vrede - 1918 1918 as Any Godard
32 Op hoop van zegen movie Op hoop van zegen 1918 as Jo
33 Rechten der jeugd movie Rechten der jeugd 1921 as Maria
34 Schakels movie Schakels 1920 as Marianne
35 Toen t licht verdween movie Toen t licht verdween 1918 as Sylvia
36 Toffe jongens onder de mobilisatie (deel 1) movie Toffe jongens onder de mobilisatie (deel 1) 1914 as Adèle
37 Ulbo Garvema movie Ulbo Garvema 1917 as Jan van Oort's dochter/Jonge Anna
38 Vogelvrij movie Vogelvrij 1916 as Mavis Keeves
39 Zonnetje movie Zonnetje 1919 as Gloria Grey
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