Silvana Bosi

as Take Him Lorenzo's Wife in the movie Letters to Juliet

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Was born at 23 July 1934 (now is 84 years old) in Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
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There is the list of movies, where Silvana Bosi was taked part:
1 Letters to Juliet movie Letters to Juliet 2010 as Take Him Lorenzo's Wife
2 Un medico in famiglia movie Un medico in famiglia 1998 as Pia, vecchia domestica dei Martini
3 Absolute Giganten movie Absolute Giganten 1999 as Walters Oma
4 Agata e la tempesta movie Agata e la tempesta 2004 as Romeo's mother
5 Feisbum movie Feisbum 2009 as Madre di Gianni
6 Il nostro matrimonio è in crisi movie Il nostro matrimonio è in crisi 2002 as Madre di Antonio
7 Il pasticciere movie Il pasticciere 2012 as La Testimone
8 La buca movie La buca 2014 as La madre di Armando
9 La fine è nota movie La fine è nota 1993 as Portiera
10 Marameo movie Marameo 2008 as Franca
11 Matilde movie Matilde 2005 as Sarta
12 Mortacci movie Mortacci 1989 as Madre di Torquato
13 Mutande pazze movie Mutande pazze 1992 as Stefania's mother
14 Pane e tulipani movie Pane e tulipani 2000 as Costantino's Mother
15 Quando a Roma nevica movie Quando a Roma nevica 2015 as Sig.ra Franchi
16 Soldato semplice movie Soldato semplice 2015 as Gino's Mother
17 Sono un pirata, sono un signore movie Sono un pirata, sono un signore 2013 as Grandmother Elena
18 The American movie The American 2010 as Old Cheese Vendor
19 The Talented Mr. Ripley movie The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999 as Ermelinda
20 Una gita a Roma movie Una gita a Roma 2015 as Zia Agnese
21 When the Snow Melts In Rome movie When the Snow Melts In Rome 2015 as Sig.ra Franchi
22 Chiara e gli altri movie Chiara e gli altri 1989 as Signora al supermercato
23 Il bello delle donne movie Il bello delle donne 2001 as Nunzia
24 Nebbie e delitti movie Nebbie e delitti 2005 as Claretta
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