Jolene Boston

as Principle Aiken in the movie All Hallows Evil: Lord of the Harvest

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Born in Great Lakes, Illinois, Jolene was the only girl amongst fourbrothers. Her father Morgan Finnell, was a Chief in the Navy and oftenJolene was moved around place to place. Her mother Alice, a full timemom and a retail worker also performed as a model and theatre actorwhenever there was a local play. Jolene would always attend hermother's rehearsals and performances, getting the feel for performanceart at a very young age.

Jolene delve deep into drama and theatre programs beginning in middleschool, performing in plays and sketch comedy. She eventually enrolledin acting programs at the local college but lost interest due to thelack of quality offered. Coming from a hardworking middle-class familyleft little resources to pursue her dreams as she got older. Faced withthe possibility of not getting her chance, Jolene traveled to New YorkCity when she was only 16 with big hopes and 60 bucks in her purse. Finding New York City to be the perfect fit she never turned back.

Jolene spent the next 5 years modeling to gain capital and exposureoften traveling back and forth between New York and Virginia, where hermother resided, to save money with the end all result landing her backin New York supporting herself full-time. She continued to model but mainly in the fitness world while sheactively studied the craft with different coaches learning the businessas much as she could. Jolene landed roles in two stage productions"Romeo leaves Juliet" and "Improv 4 Charity". She later said that eventhough she enjoyed stage she really wanted to be a film actress andmade the decision to expand her reach to LA to see what the film worldhad to offer her. On holiday before she was set to head off to LA she went to stay with aclose family friend in Atlanta to spend some time before she relocated.

Jolene noticed a casting board for independent films and figured whynot stay sharp while on vacation. She ended up booking a number ofindependent films and meeting other film industry people and decided totravel between Atlanta, New York and LA. She continues to star in filmand has even began writing her own shorts and web series. She stillmodels when she gets the itch to be glamorous. .

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There is the list of movies, where Jolene Boston was taked part:
1 All Hallows Evil: Lord of the Harvest movie All Hallows Evil: Lord of the Harvest 2012 as Principle Aiken
2 A Latte Love Story movie A Latte Love Story 2011 as Erica
3 No Experience Necessary movie No Experience Necessary 2010 as Alexis
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