Lo Bosworth

as Herself - Lifestyle Expert in the movie Unique Sweets

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Real name is Lauren Ogilvie Bosworth
Also known as Lo
Was born at 29 September 1986 (now is 32 years old) in Laguna Beach, California, USA
There is some small facts about Lo Bosworth:
  • Has a younger sister and brother.
  • She received a Volkswagen Jetta during her senior year as a graduation present from her parents.
  • As of January 2006, she attends college at UCSB
  • During the first season of "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" (2004) , Lo was a senior.
  • Was best friends with 'Lauren Conrad' on "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" (2004) . However, after starting college, the two grew apart. But Lo returned to "The Hills" (2006) during Season 3, and she and Lauren are now sharing a house for Season 4.
  • She is currently a communications major at the University of California, Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, California, and is a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, and lives in the Three Arches Bay gated-community in southern Laguna Beach.
  • Her favorite television shows include "The O.C." (2003) and "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica" (2003) . Her favorite sports teams are the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Angels, and the Oakland Raiders. Like most Laguna Beach girls, Lo loves going to the beach. Some of her favorite artists are 'Ashlee Simpson' , 'Maroon 5' , 'BeyoncĂ© Knowles' , 'Outkast' and 'Atmosphere (I)' .
  • Despite many xangas, MySpace profiles, and other weblogs, Lo has stated numerous times that she does not have any on line profile of any sort and that they are all fake. She did have a MySpace profile for a brief period of time, which was set on private mode, however she has since deleted the account.
  • Unlike other cast members, Lo's parents were more strict, and she did not attend the trip to Catalina or Cabo
  • Sold her Volkswagen Jetta, which she received for graduation, on Ebay for $15,000.
  • Her college major is Art History.
  • Transferring to UCLA for her junior year.
  • Has been best friends with 'Lauren Conrad' since elementary school.
  • (May 2006) Attending college at UCSB as a sophomore.
  • (November 2004) Freshman at UCSB.
  • Attending culinary school in New York City.
  • Former roommate of 'Lauren Conrad' and 'Audrina Patridge' .
  • Moved to New York after "The Hills" (2006) ended.
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There is the list of movies, where Lo Bosworth was taked part:
1 Unique Sweets movie Unique Sweets 2011 as Herself - Lifestyle Expert
2 Drama in the Hills: US Weekly Presents the Top 10 Most Memorable Moments Ever movie Drama in the Hills: US Weekly Presents the Top 10 Most Memorable Moments Ever 2008 as Herself
3 MTV Video Music Awards 2009 movie MTV Video Music Awards 2009 2009 as Herself
4 MTV Video Music Awards 2010 movie MTV Video Music Awards 2010 2010 as Herself
5 The Hills: Spoofd movie The Hills: Spoofd 2008 as Herself
6 Chelsea Lately movie Chelsea Lately 2007 as Herself - Guest
7 Fashion News Live movie Fashion News Live 2004 as Herself
8 Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County movie Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County 2004 as Herself
9 Rachael Ray movie Rachael Ray 2006 as Herself
10 That Morning Show movie That Morning Show 2009 as Herself
11 The Bonnie Hunt Show movie The Bonnie Hunt Show 2008 as Herself
12 The Early Show movie The Early Show 1999 as Correspondent
13 The Hills movie The Hills 2006 as Herself
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