Angel Bouchet

as female Chop Shop Security in the movie Untitled Bounty Hunter Project

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Angel Bouchet was born in a small town in Southern Oregon. Her lifebegan in tragedy. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer at the same timeas she became aware of her pregnancy. Bouchet's mother chose to bringthe pregnancy to term and as a result died of cancer when Bouchet was 4years old.

This was to influence her later inclination to become ablues musician. Today she fronts her own band, The Angel Bouchet Band,which plays primarily in the Portland, Oregon area. Bouchet appeared as a recurring extra in the first production year ofthe IFC TV series Portlandia, in 2010. Fred Armisten, star of the show,along with Carrie Brownstein, said it was "good audience response" thatled to Bouchet being brought back to reappear as lighting tech,bartender, and multiple other characters in the series. During thistime period Bouchet also appeared as an extra in the TV series Grimm,portraying a bouncer, a pedestrian, an attendee at a cage fight, and abar patron.

Bouchet appears as a co-star in two of the three Portlandiaepisodes she appears in during season 4. .

There is some small facts about Angel Bouchet:
  • Bouchet is the youngest of her mother's 7 children.
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There is the list of movies, where Angel Bouchet was taked part:
1 Untitled Bounty Hunter Project movie Untitled Bounty Hunter Project 2013 as female Chop Shop Security
2 Crimson and Clover movie Crimson and Clover 2014 as Chaperon #5
3 Portlandia movie Portlandia 2011 as Butch Woman in Line
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