Debbie Bowers

as Peter's accuser #1 in the movie Manchester Passion

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There is some small facts about Debbie Bowers:
  • Born circa 1961 (source: Spotlight 1972).
Also look some video clip about Debbie Bowers:
There is the list of movies, where Debbie Bowers was taked part:
1 Manchester Passion movie Manchester Passion 2006 as Peter's accuser #1
2 Killer Contract movie Killer Contract 1984 as Secretary
3 Strike: The Birth of Solidarity movie Strike: The Birth of Solidarity 1981 as Ewa Ossowska
4 A Family at War movie A Family at War 1970 as Marie
5 Coronation Street movie Coronation Street 1960 as Aileen
6 How We Used to Live movie How We Used to Live 1968 as Betty Boothroyd
7 ITV Playhouse movie ITV Playhouse 1967 as Charlotte
8 Second Chance movie Second Chance 1981 as Debbie Green
9 The Gathering Seed movie The Gathering Seed 1983 as Alma
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