Lyric Bowman

as Martha Dunnstock in the movie The Veronica Exclusive

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Was born at 28 September 1996 (now is 22 years old) in Boise, Idaho, USA

Lyric Elizabeth Bowman was born on September 28, 1996, to Dan andDorothy Bowman of Boise, Idaho. She has two siblings, a 4-years-youngersister named Jayce and a 16-years-younger brother named Reid. She spentthe majority of her childhood in Idaho, either Boise or Meridian, andgraduated from Rocky Mountain High School in 2014. While at RMHS, shewas involved in speech/debate, musical theater, and drama, beingaccepted into the Advanced Acting program in 2011 and continuing untilgraduation.

She was voted "Most Outspoken" by her senior class, as wellas the best female English student in her senior year. Within thetheatre department itself, she was voted "Most Versatile" and "MostLikely to Make It" at the end of her senior year. She has sincereturned to the school as a guest lecturer and as an assistant to theschool's drama competition team. Bowman spent a year at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, gainingentrance to their Stage and Screen program and performing in threeshowcases before leaving the school in the spring of 2015. It wasshortly after this that she made her Youtube debut in The VeronicaExclusive, which brought about good reviews, calling her "the sweetestMartha ever put to screen.

" She became one of the founding members ofthe Youtube theatre troupe StreamVaudeville, being cast in two of theirshows ("Quarters," which she helms and stars in as Lark Jefferson, and"The Friends of the ABC," a Les Mis-based webseries in which sheportrays Combeferre. ) Shortly following, she made a splash in thewebseries community, being cast in other shows such as "In Love WithUs," (The Last Five Years-based, where she plays Elise,) "The DemigodSurvival Guide" (a Percy Jackson-based webseries where she stars asAnnabeth Chase,) and "Nox's Guide to the Apocalypse," (an originalwebseries where she can be seen as Noel. )In the winter of 2016, she left Idaho for Pennsylvania. .

There is some small facts about Lyric Bowman:
  • Portrayed Eliante in "The Misanthrope" by Moliere, adapted by Timothy Mooney. Mooney attended the production and after the show informed the cast and crew that he "loved everything [Bowman] did.".
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There is the list of movies, where Lyric Bowman was taked part:
1 The Veronica Exclusive movie The Veronica Exclusive 2015 as Martha Dunnstock
2 Friends of the ABC movie Friends of the ABC 2015 as Avery Combeferre
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