Amanda Boxer

as Barbara Scott in the movie Happy Birthday Shakespeare

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Was born at 1948 (now is 1 years old) in London, England, UK
There is some small facts about Amanda Boxer:
  • Her parents were the British soldier and diplomat Charles Boxer and the American writer Emily Hahn.
Also look some video clip about Amanda Boxer:
There is the list of movies, where Amanda Boxer was taked part:
1 Happy Birthday Shakespeare movie Happy Birthday Shakespeare 2000 as Barbara Scott
2 Miss Marple: Sleeping Murder movie Miss Marple: Sleeping Murder 1987 as Joan West
3 Saving Private Ryan movie Saving Private Ryan 1998 as Mrs. Margaret Ryan
4 The Commander: Blackdog movie The Commander: Blackdog 2005 as Margaret Tubbs
5 Alleyn Mysteries movie Alleyn Mysteries 1990 as Dorothy Halcut-Hackett
6 Philip Marlowe, Private Eye movie Philip Marlowe, Private Eye 1983 as Mrs. Shannon
7 American Skin 2: Eagles Gathering movie American Skin 2: Eagles Gathering 2005 as Mical Shalom
8 B. Monkey movie B. Monkey 1998 as Tory Lady
9 Bad Behaviour movie Bad Behaviour 1993 as Linda Marks
10 Chatroom movie Chatroom 2010 as Mrs. Sinclair
11 Cider with Rosie movie Cider with Rosie 1998 as Miss Biggs
12 Hold the Dream movie Hold the Dream 1986 as Minerva
13 Les poupées russes movie Les poupées russes 2005 as Mère William
14 Malice in Wonderland movie Malice in Wonderland 2009 as Bag Lady
15 Nostradamus movie Nostradamus 1994 as Woman Patient I
16 Song of Songs movie Song of Songs 2005 as Rachel Silverbaum
17 The Shell Seekers movie The Shell Seekers 2006 as Aunt Ethel Stern
18 The Things I Do for You movie The Things I Do for You 2014 as Charlotte
19 Tom Browns Schooldays movie Tom Browns Schooldays 2005 as Matron
20 United 93 movie United 93 2006 as Cleveland Supervisor
21 Affairs of the Heart movie Affairs of the Heart 1983 as Margery
22 Between the Lines movie Between the Lines 1992 as Sheila Curry
23 Bodies movie Bodies 2004 as Dr. Clacy
24 Casualty movie Casualty 1986 as Mrs. Leach
25 Chalk movie Chalk 1997 as Amanda Trippley
26 Doctors movie Doctors 2000 as Ruth Darby
27 Down to Earth movie Down to Earth 2000 as Mr. Simpich
28 Gems movie Gems 1985 as Judith Friedman
29 In Suspicious Circumstances movie In Suspicious Circumstances 1991 as Victoria Barnett
30 Jubilee movie Jubilee 1977 as Ellen
31 Lillie movie Lillie 1978 as Constance Wilde
32 Lizzies Pictures movie Lizzies Pictures 1987 as Tania
33 London Embassy movie London Embassy 1987 as Marietta Scaduto
34 Love in a Cold Climate movie Love in a Cold Climate 1980 as Young Baroness
35 Nanny movie Nanny 1981 as Dr. Dunlop
36 Now and Then movie Now and Then 1983 as Mona
37 Ruth Rendell Mysteries movie Ruth Rendell Mysteries 1987 as Jane Zoffany
38 Screenplay movie Screenplay 1986 as Danica
39 Sense and Sensibility movie Sense and Sensibility 1981 as Fanny Dashwood
40 Shades of Darkness movie Shades of Darkness 1983 as Mrs. Levett
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