Sally Boyden

as Samantha Stratton in the movie Lassie: A New Beginning

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Was born at 21 May 1965 (now is 53 years old) in Australia
There is some small facts about Sally Boyden:
  • (November 2004) Living and working as a musician (and piano teacher) in London, England.
  • Rose to fame as a star of Johnny Young's Young Talent Time.
Also look some video clip about Sally Boyden:
There is the list of movies, where Sally Boyden was taked part:
1 Lassie: A New Beginning movie Lassie: A New Beginning 1978 as Samantha Stratton
2 Young Talent Time: The Collection movie Young Talent Time: The Collection 2003 as Herself
3 Barnaby and Me movie Barnaby and Me 1978 as Linda
4 Dead Mans Float movie Dead Mans Float 1980 as Anne
5 Magic Fibre movie Magic Fibre 1975 as Student
6 The Little Dragons movie The Little Dragons 1979 as Carol
7 Young Talent Time Tells All movie Young Talent Time Tells All 2001 as Herself
8 A Current Affair movie A Current Affair 1971 as Herself
9 Come Midnight Monday movie Come Midnight Monday 1982 as Beverley "Biff" Hoolihan
10 The Don Lane Show movie The Don Lane Show 1975 as Performer
11 The Waltons movie The Waltons 1971 as Tess Wrayburn
12 Young Talent Time movie Young Talent Time 1971 as Herself (1973-1976)
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