Erin Boyes

as Cambie Dunsmuir in the movie Under the Bridge of Fear

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Real name is Erin Kathleen Boyes

After moving from Vancouver to Delaware at the age of 5, Erin Boyes fellin love with acting at summer camp, where she was known for heroutgoing personality and her love for being in the spotlight. Herparents enrolled her in acting and modeling classes in Philadelphia,where she received praise and encouragement from her instructors. Shethen attended an arts school from grade 6 to 12, majoring in Drama andminoring in Dance and Vocals. After graduating, Erin continued to studyacting in Philadelphia, where she traveled to several times a week tointern at casting agencies, and teach at acting summer camps, inexchange for acting classes and workshops, while at the same timeattending college, majoring in Science and Psychology, as well aschearleading competitively throughout the east coast.

Erin decided topursue acting full time and traveled to Philadelphia and New York,where she gained experience modeling and acting in film and television. In the spring of 2006 she moved back to her favorite city, Vancouver,to pursue acting further. She has lived in Vancouver for a year, inthat time landing a principal role in a feature film alongside ChrisCooper and Patricia Clarkson, as well as being the only lead femalerole in the wrestling mockumentary Kayfabe. Erin continues to studyhard, and work hard gaining experience working on student films andfilm competitions. Erin has a younger brother and two younger sisters.


There is some small facts about Erin Boyes:
  • Born in Vancouver, Canada, Erin lived in Delaware in 18 years. She resides part time in Vancouver.
  • Has three younger siblings - Brendon, Mariah and Anna.
  • Has worked on six films with award-winning film maker Scott Belyea.
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There is the list of movies, where Erin Boyes was taked part:
1 Under the Bridge of Fear movie Under the Bridge of Fear 2013 as Cambie Dunsmuir
2 A Season to Wither movie A Season to Wither 2008 as Caroline
3 As I Like Her movie As I Like Her 2015 as Abby
4 Concrete Canyons movie Concrete Canyons 2010 as Angie
5 Dissecting Gwen movie Dissecting Gwen 2016 as Romantic
6 Goblin movie Goblin 2010 as Cammy
7 Kayfabe movie Kayfabe 2007 as Wendy Thompson
8 Last Curtain Call movie Last Curtain Call 2013 as Jennifer
9 Law & Order: Criminal Intent movie Law & Order: Criminal Intent 2005 as Drugged College Student
10 Married Life movie Married Life 2007 as Becky
11 My Super Ex-Girlfriend movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend 2006 as Cheerleader
12 Nomansland movie Nomansland 2008 as Angela
13 Pay the Ghost movie Pay the Ghost 2015 as Sexy Coed
14 Pregnant at 17 movie Pregnant at 17 2016 as Tess
15 Swords & Words movie Swords & Words 2012 as Riley
16 Terminal Retribution movie Terminal Retribution 2012 as Bonnie
17 The Twilight Saga: New Moon Deleted Scenes movie The Twilight Saga: New Moon Deleted Scenes 2010 as Denise
18 The Wyoming Story movie The Wyoming Story 2010 as Local Woman
19 Twilight Storytellers: The Mary Alice Brandon File movie Twilight Storytellers: The Mary Alice Brandon File 2015 as Anna Marie
20 Unsullied movie Unsullied 2014 as Zoe Case
21 Motive movie Motive 2013 as Meredith
22 Shattered movie Shattered 2010 as Marilyn O'Connor
23 Smallville movie Smallville 2001 as Mugged Woman
24 So Awkward movie So Awkward 2013 as Erin
25 Tabloid movie Tabloid 2014 as Linda Pugach
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