Irene Boyle

as Dorothy Durand - the Scoundrel's Wife in the movie Fates Midnight Hour

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Irene Boyle born around the early 1890's. She starred in many earlysilent drama, comedy and crime films for the Kalem Film Company from1913, making her debut in 'The Game Warden' co-starring Stuart Holmes,she appeared in more than 42 movies, perhaps she's best remembered forplaying the role of Marcella (the storekeeper's daughter)in 'ThePursuit of the Smugglers' in 1913 and also playing Mollie Powell inDell Henderson's 'The Dead Line' co-starring George Walsh for the Foxstudios in 1920. also worked for the Imp Film Co and the Rex Film Co,she was last seen on screen playing the character role of Miss Ferrisin Ralph Ince's 'Counterfeit Love' starring Joe King for the Murray W. Garsson Production Company in 1923.


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There is the list of movies, where Irene Boyle was taked part:
1 Fates Midnight Hour movie Fates Midnight Hour 1914 as Dorothy Durand - the Scoundrel's Wife
2 Out of the Jaws of Death movie Out of the Jaws of Death 1913 as Dorothy Jackson
3 The Fatal Portrait movie The Fatal Portrait 1914 as Liane Devlin - a Model
4 The Game Warden movie The Game Warden 1913 as Alice - Heck's Sweetheart
5 The Path to Ruin movie The Path to Ruin 1914 as Vera Gage - John's Wife
6 The Rider of the King Log movie The Rider of the King Log 1921 as Clare Kavanagh
7 A Modern Jekyll and Hyde movie A Modern Jekyll and Hyde 1913 as Nora Smith - the Daughter
8 A Mothers Atonement movie A Mothers Atonement 1914 as Stella - the Mother/Louise - the Daughter
9 A Passover Miracle movie A Passover Miracle 1914 as Lena - Joseph's Adopted Daughter
10 A Plot for a Million movie A Plot for a Million 1913 as Elsie - the Tugboat Captain's Daughter
11 A Railroaders Warning movie A Railroaders Warning 1913 as Margaret - Dick's Sweetheart
12 A Secret Crime movie A Secret Crime 1914 as Ethel - Maynard's Wife
13 Accused movie Accused 1914 as Dora Slocum
14 Children of the Ghetto movie Children of the Ghetto 1915 as Leah
15 Counterfeit Love movie Counterfeit Love 1923 as Miss Ferris
16 Heart of the Sunset movie Heart of the Sunset 1918 as Paloma
17 Old Man Higgenbothams Daughter movie Old Man Higgenbothams Daughter 1914 as Matty Higgenbotham - the Daughter
18 Other Mens Shoes movie Other Mens Shoes 1920 as Irene Manton
19 Shenandoah movie Shenandoah 1913 as Mrs. Edith Haverhill
20 The Blind Basket Weaver movie The Blind Basket Weaver 1913 as Dolly - a Village Girl
21 The Counterfeiters Plot movie The Counterfeiters Plot 1914 as Ivy Smith - Joe's Daughter
22 The Cub Reporters Assignment movie The Cub Reporters Assignment 1914 as Ivy Milton - the Inventor's Daughter
23 The Dead Line movie The Dead Line 1920 as Mollie Powell
24 The Detectives Trap movie The Detectives Trap 1913 as Helen Grey
25 The Face at the Window movie The Face at the Window 1913 as Ruth - the Foreman's Ward
26 The Fire Coward movie The Fire Coward 1913 as Dot Hillman - a Girl of the Mountains
27 The Hour of Danger movie The Hour of Danger 1914 as Mary - Robert's Sweetheart
28 The Mad Mountaineer movie The Mad Mountaineer 1914 as Melissa - Jim's Sweetheart
29 The Mermaid movie The Mermaid 1913 as Helen
30 The Missing Jewels movie The Missing Jewels 1914 as Ruth Vaughn
31 The Open Switch movie The Open Switch 1913 as Grace Lane - John's Daughter
32 The Other Half of the Note movie The Other Half of the Note 1914 as Doris - the Senator's Niece
33 The Presidents Special movie The Presidents Special 1913 as Ruth Wayne - Billy's Wife
34 The Pursuit of the Smugglers movie The Pursuit of the Smugglers 1913 as Marcella - the Storekeeper's Daughter
35 The River Pirates movie The River Pirates 1913 as Zelma - the Chief's Niece
36 The Sacrifice at the Spillway movie The Sacrifice at the Spillway 1913 as Madge
37 The School for Scandal movie The School for Scandal 1914 as Maria
38 The Secret Marriage movie The Secret Marriage 1913 as Nelly Marsotts
39 The Strike movie The Strike 1913 as Anna - Harvey's Sweetheart
40 Vaccinating the Village movie Vaccinating the Village 1914 as Rose - Ralph's Sweetheart
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