Vera Brechling

as Baroness de Valvert in the movie Den svundne Lykke

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Was born at 16 May 1883 in Copenhagen, Denmark . Died at 19 January 1956
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There is the list of movies, where Vera Brechling was taked part:
1 Den svundne Lykke movie Den svundne Lykke 1912 as Baroness de Valvert
2 Manicuredamen med det store Hjærte movie Manicuredamen med det store Hjærte 1911 as Frk. Adelheid Krag
3 Borgens Hemmelighed movie Borgens Hemmelighed 1913 as Mrs. von Stolze
4 Dødsvarslet movie Dødsvarslet 1912 as Marguerite - Dancer
5 Et pokkers Pigebarn movie Et pokkers Pigebarn 1912 as Hendes Naade
6 Fæstningsplan Nr. 612 movie Fæstningsplan Nr. 612 1912 as Mary - Maid
7 Gud raader movie Gud raader 1912 as Countess Sedow
8 Hovmod staar for Fald movie Hovmod staar for Fald 1911 as Antoinette
9 Livets Tragedie movie Livets Tragedie 1912 as Ella
10 Nøddebo præstegaard movie Nøddebo præstegaard 1911 as Emmy
11 Pigernes Jenser movie Pigernes Jenser 1912 as Olga
12 Sparekassebogen movie Sparekassebogen 1911 as Kate
13 Storstadens Hyæne movie Storstadens Hyæne 1912 as Mrs. Hugon
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