Nani Bregvadze

as Herself in the movie Novyy god v derevne Glukharevo

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Was born at 21 July 1938 (now is 80 years old) in Tbilisi, Georgian SSR, USSR [now Republic of Georgia]

Nani Bregvadze is a notable Georgian singer and actress regarded for herstage presence and nuanced renditions of Georgian and Russian songs. She was born Nani Georgievna Bregvadze in 1938, in Tbilisi, Georgia,Soviet Union. Her father, Georgi Efremovich Bregvadze, was an engineerturned actor. Her mother, Olga Aleksandrovna Mikeladze, was an amateurpianist, coming from Georgian nobility.

Young Nani Bragvadze was one offive sisters brought up in a highly intellectual environment of herfamily. From her noble parents, Bregvadze inherited a good disposition,and learned to acknowledge good in all people. Young Nani Bregvadze was fond of music. She studied singing with heraunt and mother, then attended a school of music in Tbilisi. She madeher stage debut at the 1957 World Festival of Youth and Students inMoscow.

There she was noticed by 'Leonid Utyosov' , who recommendedher to continue singing professionally. From 1958 - 1963 she studiedsinging and piano at the Tbilisi State Conservatory, graduating in 1963as a concert pianist and singer. At first she was torn between twoprofessions, one as a concert pianist and another as a singer, but herartistic career was decided by impresario 'Bruno Coquatrix' , whoinvited Bregvadze to Paris as a singer. During the mid-1960s she was touring as a singer with the Moscow MusicHall, making concert appearances in Moscow, and in Olympia, in Paris,France. From 1965 - 1980 she toured all over the world as a member ofthe "Orera" vocal ensemble based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Since 1980 shehas been touring with her solo performances. Bregvadze amassed arepertoire of several hundred songs, covering a wide range of stylesfrom a variety of cultures. She has been singing in several languages,making most success with her impeccable interpretations of Georgiantraditional folk songs as well as intimate Russian romance classics. In recognition of her art, Nani Bregvadze was designated People's Actorof the USSR, People's Actor of Georgia, and was awarded the State Prizeof Georgia for her contribution to culture. Her records sold millionsof copies worldwide.

She is Honorable Citizen of Tbilisi, Georgia, andthe city of Benalmadena, Spain. Outside of her acting profession,Bregvadze is a devoted follower of yoga and organic lifestyle, and anavid reader of classical literature. Nani Bregvadze has been regarded for her finesse in communication tocross-cultural audiences. Her sincere, intimate delivery and a rareability to reveal the hidden beauty of lyrics and melodies has beenappealing to large international audiences. She shares her time betweenher two homes, one in Tbilisi, Georgia, and one in Moscow, Russia.


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There is the list of movies, where Nani Bregvadze was taked part:
1 Novyy god v derevne Glukharevo movie Novyy god v derevne Glukharevo 2010 as Herself
2 Golubyye goroda movie Golubyye goroda 1985 as Singer
3 Samkauli satrposatvis movie Samkauli satrposatvis 1971 as Aisha
4 Veris ubnis melodiebi movie Veris ubnis melodiebi 1974 as Vardo
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