Betty Brice

as The Society Woman in the movie The Call of Motherhood

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Was born at 4 August 1888 in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, USA . Died at 15 February 1935, Van Nuys, California, USA
There is some small facts about Betty Brice:
  • Red-haired, green-eyed leading lady, with Lubin in the 1910's. Had a reputation for being strong-willed: when her fiancĂ© objected to her acting career, she broke off the engagement and abruptly married another man.
  • A dentist named J. Nelson Myers, of Washington D.C., once used a photo of a smiling Betty Brice to advertise that he would "make your teeth as beautiful as those of the most famous beauty".
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There is the list of movies, where Betty Brice was taked part:
1 The Call of Motherhood movie The Call of Motherhood 1915 as The Society Woman
2 The Green Temptation movie The Green Temptation 1922 as Mrs. Weedon Duyker
3 A Beggar in Purple movie A Beggar in Purple 1920 as Irene Foster
4 A Cruel Revenge movie A Cruel Revenge 1914 as Lily Adair
5 A Mans Making movie A Mans Making 1915 as Mary Haskell
6 A Servant of the Rich movie A Servant of the Rich 1914 as Marian Abbott
7 Beau Brummel movie Beau Brummel 1924 as Mrs. Snodgrass
8 Hearts Haven movie Hearts Haven 1922 as Gladys Laird
9 Her Answer movie Her Answer 1915 as Grace Morgan
10 Her Bleeding Heart movie Her Bleeding Heart 1916 as Marion Lane
11 Humility movie Humility 1918 as Ruth Chandler
12 In the Dark movie In the Dark 1915 as Mrs. Rex Mansfield
13 In the Northland movie In the Northland 1914 as Celeste
14 Loves Toll movie Loves Toll 1916 as Marian Lane
15 Loyalty movie Loyalty 1917 as Nell Woodward
16 Michael Strogoff movie Michael Strogoff 1914 as Sangaree
17 Officer Jim movie Officer Jim 1914 as Margaret
18 Polly of the Pots and Pans movie Polly of the Pots and Pans 1915 as Rodman's Fiancee
19 Sweeter Than Revenge movie Sweeter Than Revenge 1915 as Molly McCall
20 The Blessed Miracle movie The Blessed Miracle 1915 as Diane King - the Adventuress
21 The Climbers movie The Climbers 1915 as Miss Godesby
22 The College Widow movie The College Widow 1915 as Flora Wiggins
23 The District Attorney movie The District Attorney 1915 as Grace Brainerd
24 The Evangelist movie The Evangelist 1916 as Phoebe Ransford
25 The Fortune Hunter movie The Fortune Hunter 1914 as Josie Lockwood
26 The Gods of Fate movie The Gods of Fate 1916 as Jane
27 The Greater Treasure movie The Greater Treasure 1914 as Ellen Carey
28 The House of Fear movie The House of Fear 1914 as Alice Gray/Agnes Gray (dual role)
29 The Incompetent movie The Incompetent 1914 as Mildred Gardner
30 The Last Rose movie The Last Rose 1915 as Marion
31 The Mansion of Sobs movie The Mansion of Sobs 1914 as Rose Gregg
32 The Meddlesome Darling movie The Meddlesome Darling 1915 as Rose - Henry's Secretary
33 The Money Changers movie The Money Changers 1920 as Maggie O'Brien
34 The Only Way Out movie The Only Way Out 1915 as Bertha Holt
35 The Phantom Happiness movie The Phantom Happiness 1915 as Alice Emerson
36 The Price of Victory movie The Price of Victory 1913 as Lorena Gray
37 The Puritan movie The Puritan 1914 as Evelyn Nestor
38 The Rights of Man: A Story of Wars Red Blotch movie The Rights of Man: A Story of Wars Red Blotch 1915 as Princess Lorcha
39 The Sagebrusher movie The Sagebrusher 1920 as Annie Squires
40 The Spenders movie The Spenders 1921 as Psyche Bines
There is the list of some articles of Betty Brice:
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