Anita Briem

as Hannah Ásgeirsson in the movie Adventure at the Center of the Earth

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Was born at 29 May 1982 (now is 36 years old) in Reykjavik, Iceland

Anita Briem born 29 May 1982 is an Icelandic actress. She is known forher role as Jane Seymour on The Tudors and her role as HannahÁsgeirsson in Journey to the Center of the Earth. Briem was born inReykjavík and is the daughter of drummer Gunnlaugur Briem of Mezzoforteand back-up vocalist Erna Þórarinsdóttir. She started acting when shewas nine at the National Theatre of Iceland.

She moved to England atthe age of sixteen and in 2004 she graduated from the Royal Academy ofDramatic Art in London, having received the John Barton award in StageFighting. As a child she studied hand-to-hand combat and is trained ina variety of weaponry including the broadsword. She is married toactor/director Dean Paraskevopoulos. .

There is some small facts about Anita Briem:
  • Studied at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and graduated 2004.
  • Born and raised in Iceland. Moved to London at age 16 and began her pursuit of a formal education in theatre. At 19 she was accepted into the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA).
  • Fluent in English, Danish, Icelandic and German.
  • Began her acting career at nine years of age at The National Theatre of Iceland.
  • Decided to become an actress when she was age 16.
  • Parents are drummer Gunnlaugur Briem of Mezzoforte and back-up vocalist Erna Þórarinsdóttir.
  • Special interests are travelling, encountering different cultures, reading, going to the theatre, spending time with family.
  • Engaged to director and actor 'Dean Paraskevopoulos' .
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There is the list of movies, where Anita Briem was taked part:
1 Adventure at the Center of the Earth movie Adventure at the Center of the Earth 2008 as Hannah Ásgeirsson
2 Dylan Dog: Dead of Night movie Dylan Dog: Dead of Night 2010 as Elizabeth
3 Escape to Donegal movie Escape to Donegal 2011 as Faith
4 Everything Will Happen Before You Die movie Everything Will Happen Before You Die 2010 as Karen Robinson
5 Journey to the Center of the Earth movie Journey to the Center of the Earth 2008 as Hannah Ásgeirsson
6 Kill the Poet movie Kill the Poet 2016 as Louisa
7 Köld slóð movie Köld slóð 2006 as Elín
8 La monja movie La monja 2005 as Eve
9 Queen of Hearts movie Queen of Hearts 2016 as Claire
10 Salt and Fire movie Salt and Fire 2016 as Flight Attendant
11 You, Me & The Circus movie You, Me & The Circus 2012 as Bo
12 Actors Day in LA movie Actors Day in LA 2009 as Herself
13 Doctor Who movie Doctor Who 2005 as Sally
14 Doctors movie Doctors 2000 as Anneka Marsh
15 The Evidence movie The Evidence 2006 as Emily Stevens
16 The Tudors movie The Tudors 2007 as Jane Seymour
17 Up Close with Carrie Keagan movie Up Close with Carrie Keagan 2007 as Herself
The image of was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Monitor" (Iceland), 13 October 2008
There is the list of some quotes of Anita Briem:
  • [on Iceland] I try to show everybody Iceland all the time. My people are like, "Don't tell everybody the secret. It's so peaceful and beautiful here!" It's incredible; I go home and drive across country, and go to my mom's place and it's dark with the Northern Lights, and I like to sit in some hot springs.
  • [on plans to do any stage] I love the theater; the theater sort of raised me. So I'm quite sure I will go back to the theater. Right now I'm sort of captured in the all-consuming, fantastical world of movies.
  • [on living in Los Angeles ] People ask me, "What is it like?" with a negative tone. But for me, I'm surrounded by the most talented and passionate people in the industry.
  • [on her role in Journey to the Center of the Earth] I must have auditioned for this movie at least 25 times. This was a 4-month process. I have to check my sources on this but, I think I beat out Cameron Diaz's record for how many times she auditioned for "The Mask," with how many times I auditioned for this movie
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