Faa Brimmo

as Soap Opera Actress on TV in the movie Trail of Crumbs

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Faa Brimmo is a skilled thespian, recently trodding the boards in a leadrole as Etta James, in the musical, Seasons of Love. She grew up inIbadan, Nigeria and moved to the U. S. after graduating from theUniversity of Ibadan with a double major in Economics & Psychology.

Living in both countries has given her the ability to project a widevariety of characters with several flawless accents including American,British & African. She has done a plethora of voice-over work and isalso the consummate host. Her skills were most recently seen at a Hostof the Ankara Spring 2014 Fashion Festival. .

Also look some video clip about Faa Brimmo:
There is the list of movies, where Faa Brimmo was taked part:
1 Trail of Crumbs movie Trail of Crumbs 2008 as Soap Opera Actress on TV
2 Apparent Horizon movie Apparent Horizon 2006 as Wedding Guest
3 Daydreamer movie Daydreamer 2007 as Bar Patron
4 Mandingo in a Box movie Mandingo in a Box 2006 as Protester
5 Solus movie Solus 2006 as Market Woman
6 The Family Exchange movie The Family Exchange 2015 as Zay Zay's British Mother
7 Untold Stories of the ER movie Untold Stories of the ER 2004 as Paramedic Ann
8 Without a Trace movie Without a Trace 2002 as Neighbor
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