Brooke Brinson

as Herself in the movie The World According to Paris

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Real name is Brooke Ashley Brinson
Also known as Brookie
Was born at 21 February 1986 (now is 33 years old) in El Centro, California, USA
There is some small facts about Brooke Brinson:
  • Daughter of 'Kim Richards (I)' and 'G. Monty Brinson' . Half-sister of 'Whitney Davis (I)' . Niece of 'Kathy Hilton (II)' and 'Kyle Richards (II)' . Granddaughter of 'Kathy Richards' . Cousin of 'Paris Hilton' , 'Barron Hilton' , 'Conrad Hilton (II)' , and 'Nicky Hilton (I)' .
  • Older stepsister of 'Whitney Davis (I)' and 'Kimberly Jackson (XIII)' .
  • Ex-stepdaughter of 'Terri Lynn Doss' .
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There is the list of movies, where Brooke Brinson was taked part:
1 The World According to Paris movie The World According to Paris 2011 as Herself
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