Lottie Briscoe

as Mary - Miles' Wife in the movie A Jealous Husband

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Was born at 19 October 1883 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA . Died at 21 March 1950, New York City, New York, USA
There is some small facts about Lottie Briscoe:
  • Raven-haired stage and screen actress, a child performer from the age of four. She then graduated to ingénue roles at the Orpheum Theater in Philadelphia. After beginning on screen with Essanay in Chicago, Lottie worked for the Lubin Company from 1912 to 1915, where she was popularly paired with matinée idol Arthur V. Johnson. After Johnson's untimely death in 1916, her career declined. She continued to appear in vaudeville before being confined at home due to a debilitating illness.
  • Husband, Harry Mountford, was formerly executive secretary of the White Rats Actors Union which was disbanded in 1930.
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There is the list of movies, where Lottie Briscoe was taked part:
1 A Jealous Husband movie A Jealous Husband 1913 as Mary - Miles' Wife
2 A Leap Year Lottery Prize movie A Leap Year Lottery Prize 1912 as Grace Walker - theYoung Minister's Admirer
3 The Artists Romance movie The Artists Romance 1913 as Lottie - the Artist's Sweetheart
4 The Country School Teacher movie The Country School Teacher 1912 as Molly Mason
5 The Heavenly Voice movie The Heavenly Voice 1912 as Mary Smith - the Widow's Daughter
6 The Nicotine Conspiracy movie The Nicotine Conspiracy 1911 as Hilda Roberts
7 The Pawned Bracelet movie The Pawned Bracelet 1913 as Mrs. Jason Conrad
8 The Samaritan of Coogans Tenement movie The Samaritan of Coogans Tenement 1912 as Jessie - the Girl of the Tenements
9 The School Principal movie The School Principal 1913 as Mabel Montressor
10 The Snare of the City movie The Snare of the City 1911 as The Elder Sister
11 The Substitute Heiress movie The Substitute Heiress 1912 as Ruth - the Substitute Heiress
12 Winning Winsome Winnie movie Winning Winsome Winnie 1915 as Winsome Winnie
13 A Bachelors Waterloo movie A Bachelors Waterloo 1912 as Bess Johnson - the Deacon's Daughter
14 A Childs Devotion movie A Childs Devotion 1912 as Diana Lane - The New Mother
15 A College Girl movie A College Girl 1912 as Jean Sherwood - the College Girl
16 A Husbands Awakening movie A Husbands Awakening 1912 as Georgette - the Wife
17 A Leader of Men movie A Leader of Men 1913 as Laura Phalen
18 A Little Family Affair movie A Little Family Affair 1912 as Lottie Wilson, the Wife
19 A Mans Faith movie A Mans Faith 1914 as Mary Forrest
20 A Matter of Business movie A Matter of Business 1912 as Charles Erskine's Wife
21 A Timely Rescue movie A Timely Rescue 1913 as Lottie Daly
22 An Hour of Freedom movie An Hour of Freedom 1915 as Edith Walton
23 Annie Rowleys Fortune movie Annie Rowleys Fortune 1913 as Annie Rowley
24 Behind the Footlights movie Behind the Footlights 1914 as Violet Dale
25 Comrade Kitty movie Comrade Kitty 1915 as Kitty
26 Country Blood movie Country Blood 1915 as Sadie Tully - the Country Maiden
27 Doctor Maxwells Experiment movie Doctor Maxwells Experiment 1913 as Alice - Dr. Maxwell's Daughter
28 Getting Sister Married movie Getting Sister Married 1911 as Helen
29 Gingerbread Cupid movie Gingerbread Cupid 1912 as Mabel Taylor
30 Her Gift movie Her Gift 1912 as Dorothy Gray Gregory
31 Her Husbands Wife movie Her Husbands Wife 1913 as Annie Robie
32 Her Martyrdom movie Her Martyrdom 1915 as Dolly - Hamilton's Stenographer
33 His Friends Wife movie His Friends Wife 1911 as Zenia, the Model
34 His Niece from Ireland movie His Niece from Ireland 1913 as Ellen Kerry
35 In After Years movie In After Years 1912 as Marion Wilson as an Adult
36 In the Harem of Haschem movie In the Harem of Haschem 1913 as The Wronged Widow
37 John Arthurs Trust movie John Arthurs Trust 1913 as Lottie Bristol
38 Just Cissys Little Way movie Just Cissys Little Way 1913 as Cissy
39 Kiss Me Good Night movie Kiss Me Good Night 1914 as Betty
40 Lord Algy movie Lord Algy 1914 as Lottie
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