Aileen Britton

as Miss Markham in the movie Mystery at Castle House

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Was born at 1916 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia . Died at 19 April 1986, Sydney, Australia
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There is the list of movies, where Aileen Britton was taked part:
1 Mystery at Castle House movie Mystery at Castle House 1982 as Miss Markham
2 Dont Call Me Girlie movie Dont Call Me Girlie 1985 as Herself
3 Fluteman movie Fluteman 1982 as Beatrice Peachley
4 Harness Fever movie Harness Fever 1977 as Susannah
5 Magee and the Lady movie Magee and the Lady 1978 as Mrs. Avery
6 My Brilliant Career movie My Brilliant Career 1979 as Grandma Bossier
7 Now and Forever movie Now and Forever 1983 as Bethanie
8 Platypus Cove movie Platypus Cove 1983 as Grandma Mason
9 Tall Timbers movie Tall Timbers 1937 as Claire Darley
10 The Death Train movie The Death Train 1978 as Barmaid/Hotel Desk Clerk
11 The Place at the Coast movie The Place at the Coast 1987 as Gran
12 The Tichborne Affair movie The Tichborne Affair 1978 as Mrs. Skinner
13 24-Hour Call movie 24-Hour Call 1963 as Mrs. Bennett
14 A Country Practice movie A Country Practice 1981 as Emily Page
15 Arcade movie Arcade 1980 as Joyce Blair
16 Boney movie Boney 1972 as Nora
17 Call Oxbridge 2000 movie Call Oxbridge 2000 1961 as Mrs. Bennett
18 Cyclone Tracy movie Cyclone Tracy 1986 as Big Caroline
19 Disneyland movie Disneyland 1954 as Susannah
20 Glenview High movie Glenview High 1977 as Mrs. Greet
21 Homicide movie Homicide 1964 as Mrs. Townley
22 Ive Married a Bachelor movie Ive Married a Bachelor 1968 as Mrs. Malley
23 Matlock Police movie Matlock Police 1971 as Mrs. Gates
24 Number 96 movie Number 96 1972 as Mrs. Florentine
25 Prisoner movie Prisoner 1979 as Florence Marne
26 Solo One movie Solo One 1975 as Aunt Nan
27 The Adventures of Long John Silver movie The Adventures of Long John Silver 1955 as Conseulla
28 The Lost Islands movie The Lost Islands 1976 as Widow Martha Quack
29 The Restless Years movie The Restless Years 1977 as Kath Campbell
30 The Sullivans movie The Sullivans 1976 as Mrs. Skinner
31 Young Ramsay movie Young Ramsay 1977 as Mrs. Anderson
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