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as Art Gallery Visitor in the movie Doctor Who: 30 Years in the Tardis

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Was born at 14 March 1938 (now is 80 years old) in Stanmore, Middlesex, England, UK

There is one strange, mesmerizing film scene that easily sums up thedisturbing fascination Eleanor Bron brought to her characters on stage,TV and in the cinema. This is the classic fig-eating scene which sheshares with 'Alan Bates (I)' in the Oscar-winning drama Women in Love (1969) . It is not to be missed. A dark, cold-eyed,ethnic-looking beauty, the unsmiling Eleanor would typically be cast asunapproachable, unsympathetic and intensely neurotic secondleads/supports in classy film drama and costumers.

And yet, there wasanother distinct side to her as well. In direct contrast to all themurkiness usually associated with her, Eleanor was a talented writerand performer of TV series comedy!Eleanor was born in Stanmore, London in 1938 of Eastern European Jewishdescent. The family's surname was Bronstein, but abbreviated to Bron byfather Sidney, an established music publisher (Bron's OrchestralService). She was educated at the North London Collegiate School andNewnham College, Cambridge. Older brother Gerry Bron later became arecord producer (his Bronze Records label handled such rock groups asUriah Heep) while another brother became a professor of medicine.

Eleanor started her career off in comedy sharing the same stage with'Peter Cook (I)' (of "Beyond the Fringe" fame) in a CambridgeFootlights revue entitled "The Last Laugh" in 1959. This led to aplethora of comedy offers, writing and performing satires and spoofs onboth radio and TV from the late 60s on, including "Not So Much aProgramme, More a Way of Life," "World in Ferment," "Where Was Spring","Beyond a Joke" and "After That, This" -- often in tandem with writer'John Fortune (I)' or actor/writer 'John Bird (I)' Eleanor made her film debut in the prominent role of the high priestessAhme in the Beatles' second feature film Help! (1965) . In fact,she is often credited to having inspired the name of the Beatles' #1pop song hit "Eleanor Rigby". She showed just as much promise as adoctor who comes into contact with 'Michael Caine (I)' 's worldlylover Alfie (1966) , and as part of a vacationing foursomealongside 'Albert Finney' , 'Audrey Hepburn (I)' and'William Daniels (I)' , who played her screen husband, in thetearjerker Two for the Road (1967) . Here Eleanor shows off her"other woman" formidableness that would reappear time and again.

Thatsame year she reteamed with comedian 'Peter Cook (I)' , who by nowwas partnered successfully with 'Dudley Moore' , in Bedazzled (1967) , and was third-billed as pregnant'Sandy Dennis (I)' ' friend and confidante in A Touch of Love (1969) [aka "Thank You All Very Much"]. Following her excellence as 'Alan Bates (I)' ' supercilious wife in Women in Love (1969) , and after a co-starring role in thesatirical farce The National Health (1973) , a biting comment onEngland's national health program, Eleanor was little seen in film, atleast for the rest of the decade. TV took a good share of her time. Herfeatures grew more severe as time passed and her characters moregargoyle-like. Unforgettable as 'Joanna Lumley' 's horror of amother in episodes of the vitriolic comedy "Absolutely Fabulous" (1992) , a softer core was occasionallyglimpsed, as with her Virgin Mary in The Day Christ Died (1980) (TV) , and her remote but touchingEdith Frank in The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank (1988) (TV) .

Back to feature films she proved as repelling as ever playing thearrogant Lady Wexmire (again opposite 'Peter Cook (I)' ) in Black Beauty (1994) and the harsh, witchy-like Miss Minchin in A Little Princess (1995) . Her film output in later years wouldinclude The House of Mirth (2000) , The Heart of Me (2002) , Love's Brother (2004) and thetennis comedy/drama Wimbledon (2004) . Throughout her career, Eleanor would maintain close ties with theclassical and contemporary stage, giving vivid appearances in suchplays as "The Doctor's Dilemma" (1966), "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie"(1967), "Major Barbara" (1969), "A Day in the Death of Joe Egg" (1970),"Hedda Gabler" (1970), "Luv" (1971), the West End musical "The Card"(1973), "Two for the Seesaw" (1974), "The Merchant of Venice" (1975),"Private Lives" (1976), "Uncle Vanya" (1977), "The Cherry Orchard"(1978), "The Real Inspector Hound" (1985), "The Duchess of Malfi"(1985), "The Miser" (1991) and "A Delicate Balance" (1997). Morerecently she appeared in the musical "Twopence to Cross the Mersey"(2005) and the plays "The Clean House" (2006), "In Extremis" (2007) and"All About My Mother" (2007), and has also performed her own one-womanshows "On My Own" and "Desdemona: If You Had Only Spoken". In the 1980sshe appeared frequently in Secret Policeman's Balls live benefit shows,working in tandem with her favorite, 'Peter Cook (I)' , and othertop comic entertainers as 'Rowan Atkinson' .

She also appeared inthe film version of The Secret Policeman's Other Ball (1982) . Eleanor is the author of several books -- Life and Other Punctures is anaccount of bicycling in France and Holland; "The Pillow Book of EleanorBron, or An Actress Despairs" is a collection of notes andremembrances; and "Double Take" (1996) is a romantic novel. Longmarried to well-known architect Cedric Price, she became his widow in2003. They had no children. .

There is some small facts about Eleanor Bron:
  • Turned down the part of Emma Peel in "The Avengers" (1961) .
  • Younger sister of record producer 'Gerry Bron' .
  • 'Paul McCartney (I)' thought of her while writing "Eleanor Rigby".
  • Inspired the lyric idea for the 'Marillion' song "Cover My Eyes".
  • She was one of the first female performers of the Cambridge Footlights Reuve in 1959. It used to be all male with the female characters portrayed by men in drag.
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There is the list of movies, where Eleanor Bron was taked part:
1 Doctor Who: 30 Years in the Tardis movie Doctor Who: 30 Years in the Tardis 1993 as Art Gallery Visitor
2 My Father Knew Lloyd George movie My Father Knew Lloyd George 1965 as Various roles
3 The National Health movie The National Health 1973 as Sister McFee/Sister Mary MacArthur
4 The Secret Policemans Ball movie The Secret Policemans Ball 1979 as Various Roles
5 Dawn Frenchs Girls Who Do: Comedy movie Dawn Frenchs Girls Who Do: Comedy 2006 as Herself
6 French and Saunders movie French and Saunders 1987 as Dr. Marcia Hardstein
7 Second City Reports movie Second City Reports 1964 as Various Characters
8 Ten from the Twenties movie Ten from the Twenties 1975 as Catherine Wilkes
9 The Aweful Mr. Goodall movie The Aweful Mr. Goodall 1974 as Dr. Rachel Moffatt
10 The Play on One movie The Play on One 1988 as Lady Elspeth MacIlvrae
11 A Bedazzled Conversation with Harold Ramis movie A Bedazzled Conversation with Harold Ramis 2006 as Margaret
12 A Little Princess movie A Little Princess 1995 as Miss Minchin
13 A Month in the Country movie A Month in the Country 1985 as Natalya
14 A Touch of Love movie A Touch of Love 1969 as Lydia Reynolds
15 Alfie movie Alfie 1966 as The Doctor
16 Barry Humphries on Bedazzled movie Barry Humphries on Bedazzled 2005 as Margaret
17 Bedazzled movie Bedazzled 1967 as Margaret
18 Black Beauty movie Black Beauty 1994 as Lady Wexmire
19 Cucumber Castle movie Cucumber Castle 1970 as Lady Margerie Pee
20 Deadly Advice movie Deadly Advice 1994 as Judge
21 Golden Gala movie Golden Gala 1978 as Herself
22 Help! movie Help! 1965 as Ahme
23 Hyde Park on Hudson movie Hyde Park on Hudson 2012 as Daisy's Aunt
24 Intrigue movie Intrigue 1988 as Sophia
25 Little Dorrit movie Little Dorrit 1987 as Mrs. Merdle
26 Loves Brother movie Loves Brother 2004 as Signora Carmellina
27 Micky Love movie Micky Love 1993 as Adele Franklin
28 Nice or Nasty?: The Making of Vengeance on Varos movie Nice or Nasty?: The Making of Vengeance on Varos 2012 as Kara
29 Paris in the Springtime movie Paris in the Springtime 2005 as Art Gallery Visitor
30 Pleasure at Her Majestys movie Pleasure at Her Majestys 1976 as Various
31 Revelation Exhumed movie Revelation Exhumed 2005 as Kara
32 Saint-Ex movie Saint-Ex 1996 as Marie de Saint-Exupéry
33 StreetDance 3D movie StreetDance 3D 2010 as Madame Fleurie
34 The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank movie The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank 1988 as Edith Frank
35 The Beatles in Help! movie The Beatles in Help! 2007 as Herself
36 The Blue Boy movie The Blue Boy 1994 as Christine
37 The Comedy Vaults: BBC2s Hidden Treasure movie The Comedy Vaults: BBC2s Hidden Treasure 2014 as Herself
38 The Dalek Tapes movie The Dalek Tapes 2006 as Kara
39 The Day Christ Died movie The Day Christ Died 1980 as Mary
40 The Heart of Me movie The Heart of Me 2002 as Mrs. Burkett
There is the list of some quotes of Eleanor Bron:
  • Both men and women are fallible. The difference is, women know it.
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