Tess Broussard

as Trina in the movie Andromina: The Pleasure Planet

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Real name is Brenda Tess Broussard
Was born at 28 June 1966 (now is 52 years old)
There is some small facts about Tess Broussard:
  • In August 2004 she was involved in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit with pro wrestler 'Steve Austin (IV)' (aka "Stone Cold" Steve Austin). The lawsuit was over the ending of their relationship of several years. Charges of physical abuses and drug abuse were alleged against him. They eventually settled out of court to her satisfaction in December 2006.
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There is the list of movies, where Tess Broussard was taked part:
1 Andromina: The Pleasure Planet movie Andromina: The Pleasure Planet 1999 as Trina
2 Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle in Paradise movie Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle in Paradise 2000 as Beautiful Girl
3 Luck of the Draw movie Luck of the Draw 2000 as Zippo's Boudoir Girl
4 Survivors Exposed movie Survivors Exposed 2001 as Dallas Wigglesbutt
5 Carnal Confessions movie Carnal Confessions 2002 as Diana Thompson
6 Dying on the Edge movie Dying on the Edge 2001 as Madeline
7 Hollywood Sins movie Hollywood Sins 2000 as Debbie
8 Insatiable Coeds movie Insatiable Coeds 2000 as Beth
9 Irreversible movie Irreversible 2014 as Receptionist
10 Secret Agent 420 movie Secret Agent 420 2005 as Asia
11 Sinful Temptations movie Sinful Temptations 2001 as Karyn Davis
12 Sunstorm movie Sunstorm 2001 as Dancer
13 Supreme Champion movie Supreme Champion 2010 as Fawn
14 Wicked Temptations movie Wicked Temptations 2002 as Mary
15 You Slut movie You Slut 2016 as Herself
16 Bedtime Stories movie Bedtime Stories 2000 as Andrea
17 ISL Live movie ISL Live 2013 as Herself
18 Kama Sutra movie Kama Sutra 2000 as Stephanie
19 Kroll Show movie Kroll Show 2013 as (2012)
20 Lady Chatterleys Stories movie Lady Chatterleys Stories 2000 as Helen
21 Resurrection Blvd. movie Resurrection Blvd. 2000 as Jessie
22 Rude Awakening movie Rude Awakening 1998 as Thumper
23 Teens Wanna Know movie Teens Wanna Know 2012 as Actress
24 The Pleasure Zone movie The Pleasure Zone 1999 as Tristan
There is the list of some articles of Tess Broussard:
  • "Life&Style" (USA), 7 December 2015
The image of Brenda Tess Broussard was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "OK! Magazine" (USA), 30 June 2014
  • "Celebrity Parents Magazine" (USA), October 2013, Vol. V, Iss. XXXV
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