Dodie Brown

as Townsperson in the movie The Town That Dreaded Sundown

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There is some small facts about Dodie Brown:
  • Mother of 'Gabrielle N. Brown' and 'Taylor E. Brown' .
  • Graduated from Rayville High School. Homecoming Queen. Collegiate & Professional cheerleader.
  • Dodie has two daughters that also act.
  • She is an avid tennis player.
Also look some video clip about Dodie Brown:
There is the list of movies, where Dodie Brown was taked part:
1 The Town That Dreaded Sundown movie The Town That Dreaded Sundown 2014 as Townsperson
2 A Stranger Within movie A Stranger Within 2009 as Susan
3 A Very Tough Course movie A Very Tough Course 2013 as Lois Nolan
4 At War with the Ants movie At War with the Ants 2010 as Hannah Buckley
5 Butter movie Butter 2011 as June Carmichael
6 Cottonmouth Creek movie Cottonmouth Creek 2009 as Worker Chick
7 Desires of the Heart movie Desires of the Heart 2009 as Maya Abrams
8 Finding Normal movie Finding Normal 2013 as Dr. Maggie Parks
9 Good Bye Kiss movie Good Bye Kiss 2014 as Female Detective
10 In Progress movie In Progress 2015 as Jamie
11 Mr. Brooks movie Mr. Brooks 2007 as Police Officer
12 My Moms New Boyfriend movie My Moms New Boyfriend 2008 as Jazz Club Patron
13 New Hope movie New Hope 2012 as Sally Green
14 Open Gate movie Open Gate 2011 as Darleen
15 Pulse 2: Afterlife movie Pulse 2: Afterlife 2008 as Alley Phantom
16 Pulse 3 movie Pulse 3 2008 as Baby Stroller Phantom
17 Queen Sized movie Queen Sized 2008 as Middle Aged Woman
18 Ruffian movie Ruffian 2007 as Match Race Fan
19 Texas Chainsaw 3D movie Texas Chainsaw 3D 2013 as Loretta Sawyer
20 The Importance of Sex Education movie The Importance of Sex Education 2016 as Debbie Farity
21 The Mist movie The Mist 2007 as Screaming Woman
22 The Road movie The Road 2014 as The Woman
23 The School in the Woods movie The School in the Woods 2010 as Willa
24 The Year Without a Santa Claus movie The Year Without a Santa Claus 2006 as Festival booth owner
25 Trespassers movie Trespassers 2011 as Krystal
26 Wicked Blood movie Wicked Blood 2014 as Nurse
27 American Horror Story movie American Horror Story 2011 as Mary
28 Be Damned movie Be Damned 2011 as Sasha
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