John Hostetter

as Dirigible Captain in the movie Majo no takkyûbin

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Was born at 6 October 1946 (now is 72 years old) in Pennsylvania, USA
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There is the list of movies, where John Hostetter was taked part:
1 Dragon Slayer Eiyuu Densetsu: Ouji no Tabidachi movie Dragon Slayer Eiyuu Densetsu: Ouji no Tabidachi 1992 as Aaron
2 Majo no takkyûbin movie Majo no takkyûbin 1989 as Dirigible Captain
3 Murder, She Wrote: The Last Free Man movie Murder, She Wrote: The Last Free Man 2001 as Cornelius Ashland
4 Second Serve movie Second Serve 1986 as First New Jersey reporter
5 Star Trek: Insurrection movie Star Trek: Insurrection 1998 as Bolian Officer
6 The People Under the Stairs movie The People Under the Stairs 1991 as Veteran Cop
7 The Secretary movie The Secretary 1995 as Detective Larry Parkins
8 From the Earth to the Moon movie From the Earth to the Moon 1998 as Ralph Cooper
9 Uchû no kishi Tekkaman Blade II movie Uchû no kishi Tekkaman Blade II 1994 as Honda
10 A Winner Never Quits movie A Winner Never Quits 1986 as Sergeant
11 An Eight Is Enough Wedding movie An Eight Is Enough Wedding 1989 as Reverand
12 Aria movie Aria 1987 as Elvis Impersonator (segment "Rigoletto")
13 Baby of the Bride movie Baby of the Bride 1991 as Plainclothes Cop
14 Baio hantâ movie Baio hantâ 1995 as Boss
15 Best Defense movie Best Defense 1984 as Quirk, Dynatechnics
16 Beverly Hills Cop II movie Beverly Hills Cop II 1987 as Stiles
17 Class Act movie Class Act 1992 as Football Coach
18 Every Breath movie Every Breath 1994 as Man #2
19 Fainaru fantajî movie Fainaru fantajî 1994 as Gush Hassam
20 Frogs! movie Frogs! 1991 as Mr. Fitsky
21 G.I. Joe: The Movie movie G.I. Joe: The Movie 1987 as Bazooka
22 Gen¹³ movie Gen¹³ 2000 as Additional Voices
23 Golgo 13: Queen Bee movie Golgo 13: Queen Bee 1998 as General Gordon
24 Heart Beat movie Heart Beat 1980 as Poet
25 Heartbreak Ridge movie Heartbreak Ridge 1986 as Reese
26 Into the Night movie Into the Night 1985 as Aerospace Engineer
27 Katy, la oruga movie Katy, la oruga 1984 as Guard Bee
28 Kermits Swamp Years movie Kermits Swamp Years 2002 as Dr. Krassman
29 Knightriders movie Knightriders 1981 as Tuck
30 Leonard Part 6 movie Leonard Part 6 1987 as Adams
31 Love Affair movie Love Affair 1994 as Ben
32 Mononoke-hime movie Mononoke-hime 1997 as Additional voices
33 No Way Out movie No Way Out 1987 as C.I.D. Man
34 Once Upon a Spy movie Once Upon a Spy 1980 as Chief
35 Our Son, the Matchmaker movie Our Son, the Matchmaker 1996 as John Adams
36 Repairs movie Repairs 1987 as Jerry the Creep
37 Roswell movie Roswell 1994 as Colonel DuBose
38 Shihaisha no Tasogare movie Shihaisha no Tasogare 1997 as Detective Kumazawa
39 Tenkû no shiro Rapyuta movie Tenkû no shiro Rapyuta 1986 as Boss
40 The Betty Ford Story movie The Betty Ford Story 1987 as News Director
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