Pat Kilbane

as Spishak Baby Blaster Salesman/Howard Stern/Rich/Michael Eisner/Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris/Christopher Walken in the movie MADtv

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Was born at 5 November 1969 (now is 49 years old) in Lakewood, Ohio, USA

Best known for his three-year run on Fox's "MADtv" (1995) , PatKilbane made his mark on the show with outrageous physical comedy anduncanny celebrity impressions. Among his more memorable characters wereStan the Java Man, the shady Spishak spokesman, and the floppysuperhero "Rubberman. Kilbane's impressions are too numerous to list,but notably his mimicry of 'Howard Stern (I)' and'Lyle Lovett' fooled some viewers into believing that the starsactually appeared on the show. After the expiration of his contract with "MADtv" (1995) , Kilbanewas signed to a two-year deal with Dreamworks, during which he appearedin the movies Evolution (2001) and EuroTrip (2004) , andon ABC's hit show "Spin City" (1996) .

The deal culminated withThe Pat Kilbane Show, a smart, edgy sketch comedy vehicle that Kilbanewrote and executive produced for Comedy Central. Raised in Dayton, Ohio, Kilbane earned his bachelor's degree in Frenchfrom Beloit College before beginning his career as a stand-up comedian. He headlined clubs throughout the United States and was featured onShowtime's "Full Frontal Comedy" (1996) as well as A&E's "An Evening at the Improv" (1982) and "Comedy on the Road" (1991) . After moving to Los Angeles, heappeared in over a dozen national commercials, made guest appearanceson "The Single Guy" (1995) and "Arli$$" (1996) , andplayed the role of the Anti-Kramer in the Emmy-nominated "Seinfeld" (1989) episode "Bizarro Jerry. ".

There is some small facts about Pat Kilbane:
  • Member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity
  • Made a pilot of a sketch show called The Pat Kilbane Show in 2003 and presented it to Comedy Central. The network passed it though for "Reno 911!" (2003) .
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There is the list of movies, where Pat Kilbane was taked part:
1 Monica in Black and White movie Monica in Black and White 2002 as Sam Donaldson
2 MADtv movie MADtv 1995 as Spishak Baby Blaster Salesman/Howard Stern/Rich/Michael Eisner/Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris/Christopher Walken
3 Day of the Dead movie Day of the Dead 2008 as Scientist
4 Dino D-Day movie Dino D-Day 2011 as Jack Hardgrave
5 EuroTrip movie EuroTrip 2004 as American Robot Guy
6 Evolution movie Evolution 2001 as Officer Johnson
7 Meet Dave movie Meet Dave 2008 as No. 4 - Security Officer
8 Monkeybone movie Monkeybone 2001 as Burger God Representative
9 Pucked movie Pucked 2006 as Elvis
10 Semi-Pro movie Semi-Pro 2008 as Petrelli
11 Star Patrol movie Star Patrol 2000 as Ensign Carp
12 An Evening at the Improv movie An Evening at the Improv 1982 as Himself - Comedian
13 Arli$$ movie Arli## 1996 as Damian Niles
14 Comedy Central Canned Ham movie Comedy Central Canned Ham 1996 as Himself
15 Comedy on the Road movie Comedy on the Road 1991 as Himself - Comedian
16 Dorkumentary movie Dorkumentary 2008 as Master Steve
17 Early Start movie Early Start 2012 as Himself - Guest
18 Frank TV movie Frank TV 2007 as Howard Stern
19 Full Frontal Comedy movie Full Frontal Comedy 1996 as Himself - Comedian
20 Game Sack movie Game Sack 2011 as Himself
21 Later with Greg Kinnear movie Later with Greg Kinnear 1994 as Himself
22 My Name Is Earl movie My Name Is Earl 2005 as Bagger Lance
23 Seinfeld movie Seinfeld 1989 as Bizarro Kramer
24 Spin City movie Spin City 1996 as Pete the temp
25 The Single Guy movie The Single Guy 1995 as Leo
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