Isabel Aboy

as María Martín Soller in the movie Gala 20 aniversario

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Real name is Isabel Alejandra Aboy Ferrer
Was born at 4 May 1982 (now is 36 years old) in Madrid, Spain
There is some small facts about Isabel Aboy:
  • Has worked as a model.
  • After her participation in "Periodistas" (1998), finished her studies and focused her career as an actress in the theater.
  • Graduated in Psychology.
  • Best known for her role of María in "Médico de familia" (1995) .
  • (November 2012) Is married with a child, working as a psychologist and retired from acting.
  • (November 2012) Attended to 'Miliki''s funeral.
Also look some video clip about Isabel Aboy:
There is the list of movies, where Isabel Aboy was taked part:
1 Gala 20 aniversario movie Gala 20 aniversario 2010 as María Martín Soller
2 Médico de familia movie Médico de familia 1995 as María Martín Soller
3 ¡Qué tiempo tan feliz! movie ¡Qué tiempo tan feliz! 2010 as Herself - Guest
4 La televisión cumple contigo movie La televisión cumple contigo 2006 as María Martín Soller
5 Arucitys movie Arucitys 2004 as Herself
6 Crónicas marcianas movie Crónicas marcianas 1997 as Herself
7 Día a día movie Día a día 1996 as Herself
8 Karaoke especial estrellas Telecinco movie Karaoke especial estrellas Telecinco 1995 as Herself
9 Lo + plus movie Lo + plus 1995 as Herself
10 Pasapalabra movie Pasapalabra 2000 as Herself
11 Periodistas movie Periodistas 1998 as Berta Rocha
12 ¡Qué me dices! movie ¡Qué me dices! 1995 as Herself
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