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By Andrea:
At a hotly contested Hillman-Virginia A&M game, Ron accepts a sucker bet from three white A&M students, then gets into a fight with them when one of them starts to spray a racial epithet on his car in revenge. In a cell, the men proceed to give very different accounts, mediated by a white officer who challenges both groups' assumptions.
By KristenT:
Gina, Lena, Charmaine, Dorian, and Terrell rent an off-campus apartment from a grumpy older man who turns out to be a reclusive, former professional baseball star. He is inspired to consider attending college, particularly after seeing an old flame who is now a professor. Gina's abusive ex-boyfriend returns to try to establish contact anew, frightening her and infuriating her friends. Lena is losing her engineering scholarship until she writes a moving story about her father, which later is proven to be fabricated. It earns her a journalism scholarship and brings her closer to her gambler father. Whitley jeopardizes Byron's fund raising when she wears a fur to an event.
By KristenT:
Whitley finally decides to hook up with Dwayne when she finds out that he did not just bring a souvenir for her back from Japan, but he also brought himself a souvenir, one that is a living human being, and it's female. Meanwhile, Whitley also decides to bunk with Juleesa. Dwayne's old friend comes to visit and convince Dwayne to come to his college because he believes you become the best by being with the best and starts to judge Dwaynes best friend Ron, While Kernal Taylor and Mr. Ganes go to a get together for people who were once in the army. Whitley and Byron are getting serious, but Whitley still has feelings for Dwayne. They end up sleeping together when Dwayne arrives at Whitley's place to discuss their relationship. Kim finally goes out with Ron to a club but ends up leaving when every woman seems to have a past with Ron.
By KristenT:
Byron's opponent brings details of a stripper in Byron's past to light but Byron refuses to fight back, and just wants to discuss the issues. Byron wins the election and proposes to Whitley which upsets Dwayne. Jaleesa gives birth with the help of Kim and Freddie.
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1 Janet Borrus in the movie A Different World Janet Borrus 1987
2 Dawnn Lewis in the movie A Different World Dawnn Lewis 1987
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