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By Anonymous:
While on duty, David Vaughn and Victor Hernandez, two emergency paramedics receive a call from a young girl whose mother has lost consciousness in a deserted area, but they soon discover that the life they have to save may be their own. Kidnapped and locked in an isolated building, David tries to discover the truth behind a secret cult and their beliefs. As Victor's beliefs are challenged and the fine-line between religion and science are crossed, David must find a way to escape and get out, before "they" get him.
By Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
The paramedics David Vaughn and Victor receive an emergency call from the girl Libby in a remote gas station. While trying to save her mother Deborah, they are abducted by members of the sect Quanta Group, composed by scientists, philosophers and mathematicians that foresee the end of the world after a meteor shower. Their leader The Teacher converts Vic to his cult, but the reluctant David resists and faces a weird mystery.
By KGF Vissers:
Just after level-headed paramedic David 'Dave' Vaughn learns he's to become father of a son, he and his gullible colleague Victor 'Vic' Hernadez are called away for an emergency at a gas station. After they diagnose Rebecca with a seizure, a truck of armed men in white, like her, arrives. They prevent her being brought to hospital and abduct the paramedics to a compound. It's run by the Teacher, founder and absolute leader of a 'scientific' cult, the Quanta, promising its members the Formula will save them during the impending apocalypse by fire from the sky. Superstitious Vic is immediately terrified and his Catholic faith brainwashed. Dave resists, escapes, is captured and electrocuted as 'crash initiation'. Will he survive and save others?
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1 June Angela in the movie Believers June Angela 2007
2 Renda Pettis in the movie Believers Renda Pettis 2007
3 Deanna Russo in the movie Believers Deanna Russo 2007
4 Jeri Lynn Ryan in the movie Believers Jeri Lynn Ryan 2007
5 Natalie Salins in the movie Believers Natalie Salins 2007
6 Kyle Adahl in the movie Believers Kyle Adahl 2007
7 Nino Aldi in the movie Believers Nino Aldi 2007
8 Jordan Dang in the movie Believers Jordan Dang 2007
9 Zafar Bangash in the movie Believers Zafar Bangash 2013
10 Daniel Benzali in the movie Believers Daniel Benzali 2007
11 Nick Hodaly in the movie Believers Nick Hodaly 2007
12 Joe (I) Howard in the movie Believers Joe (I) Howard 2007
13 Jon Huertas in the movie Believers Jon Huertas 2007
14 Rif Hutton in the movie Believers Rif Hutton 2007
15 Trevor Garrett in the movie Believers Trevor Garrett 2013
16 Erik Passoja in the movie Believers Erik Passoja 2007
17 Johnny Messner in the movie Believers Johnny Messner 2007
18 Dig Wayne in the movie Believers Dig Wayne 2007
19 Sacha Sewhdat in the movie Believers Sacha Sewhdat 2013
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