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By Brian Barjenbruch:
Each episode of this series, set in present day Los Angeles, examines one crime from many different viewpoints - uniformed cops, detectives, witnesses, the media, the fire department and rescue squad, even the criminals themselves.
By SteveG:
On Halloween night, a man hijacks an ambulance, holding Teresa hostage and demanding that she save his brother who was earlier shot in the chest during a botched robbery attempt. David McNorris and wife attend a Halloween bash and encounter Andrea Little.
By SteveG:
Following the breakup of his marriage and the end of his relationship with Andrea Little, David McNorris goes on an all-night drinking bender. He wakes up the next morning unable to remember anything that happened the night before. Things get interesting when he realizes there is a huge dent and a blood stain on the front of his car and he hears a report of a hit-and-run fatality that occurred during his blackout.
By SteveG:
Following a deadly accident, Joel and Fearless stumble upon evidence that the crash may have been part of an insurance fraud ring. Fearless discovers that the insurance claims investigator with whom he'll working on the case with is a former flame.
A man who's a convicted felon asks to speak to McNorris. He tells McNorris that his trial was not a proper one, he says that there were some evidence that were admitted that shouldn't have been and that some of the witnesses lied. He wants to get his sentenced commuted. When McNorris refuses that's when he tells McNorris that unless his sentenced is commuted, a cop will be grabbed and when he dies so will the cop. The police are told to be careful but nonetheless a cop is grabbed. McNorris talks to his boss and asks him if what the man told him is true, he doesn't deny or admit either way. The police try to find the abducted cop before the deadline. McNorris tries to find a way to delay the execution.
By SteveG:
Joel and Fearless investigate the death by assault of a homeless man in a public park. After interviewing people at the scene, they quickly discover that the prime suspect might have been goaded on by two amateur filmmakers,who were recording the assault in an attempt to sell it on the black market.
By SteveG:
Joel and Fearless arrest a suburban housewife who 26 years earlier under a different identity was involved in an armed robbery which killed two people. One of those people was the ex-partner of Tom's dad, who begins to have flashbacks to the day it happened.
By SteveG:
After an explosion at a meth lab leaves one person dead, Tom and Ray suspect a feuding couple. However when one of them turns up dead near police headquarters, they must refocus their investigation on someone out for revenge. Teresa begins to have feelings for Joel.
Ray and Fearless respond to silent alarm and find the cops who first responded to the alarm shot dead. They deduce that the robbers knew they were coming so they ambushed them. They wonder how they knew were coming that's when they discover that they got a call from their station, meaning someone there called to warn them. The Captain has the whole precinct placed on lock-down. Joel, who was off duty, drops by. The Captain asks him if he's willing to question everyone at the station, he reluctantly agrees. At the same time, Fearless and Ray try to find out who it is on the outside. Fearless gets a tip off that the gang leader who was on death row (who threatened to kill a cop unless his sentenced was commuted) was aided by another cop to grab the one he got, and that he's the one whom Fearless is looking for. Ray finds himself being summoned by McNorris who raises Ray's rumored graft again.
By SteveG:
After a Russian mobster kills a man in a public restaurant, a little girl comes forward as the "only witness" to the crime. Fearless must decide whether to have the girl testify and risk her safety or have her keep quiet and allow the Russian mobster to go free, putting others in possible danger.
Joel, Fearless, Ray and Tom team up to investigate a group of cop killers, who threatened Joel's family. Robbery/Homicide detective Katherine Pierce is reassigned to assist. Meanwhile, David goes to rehab and Teresa thinks about her future.
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1 J.C. Brandy in the movie Boomtown J.C. Brandy 2002
2 Verda Bridges in the movie Boomtown Verda Bridges 2002
3 Mary Catalano in the movie Boomtown Mary Catalano 2002
4 Roma Chugani in the movie Boomtown Roma Chugani 2002
5 Erin Daniels in the movie Boomtown Erin Daniels 2002
6 Tish Daniels in the movie Boomtown Tish Daniels 2002
7 Yelyna De Leon in the movie Boomtown Yelyna De Leon 2002
8 Irene DeBari in the movie Boomtown Irene DeBari 2002
9 Jan Devereaux in the movie Boomtown Jan Devereaux 2002
10 Janet DuBois in the movie Boomtown Janet DuBois 2002
11 Catherine Ai in the movie Boomtown Catherine Ai 2002
12 Isolde Barth in the movie Boomtown Isolde Barth 1993
13 Julie Berlin in the movie Boomtown Julie Berlin 2002
14 Kate Flannery in the movie Boomtown Kate Flannery 2002
15 Katie Fountain in the movie Boomtown Katie Fountain 2002
16 Nina Garbiras in the movie Boomtown Nina Garbiras 2002
17 Cathrine Grace in the movie Boomtown Cathrine Grace 2002
18 April Grace in the movie Boomtown April Grace 2002
19 Beth Grant in the movie Boomtown Beth Grant 2002
20 Maurice Compte in the movie Boomtown Maurice Compte 2002
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