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By Michael Brooke :
Down By Dawn is the story of an elderly booze-addled man, who lives a banal, rural life repeating the same, systematic routine over and over. Seeking escape from his drab existence he continuously devours old spaghetti westerns and becomes spellbound by the protagonists. Inspired by their heroism he embarks on a cross-country journey in a desperate attempt to track down a girl he once knew, willing to do whatever necessary to rekindle a long-lost love. DJ Zack and pimp Jack end up in prison for being too laid-back to avoid being framed for crimes they didn't commit. They end up sharing a cell with eccentric Italian optimist Roberto, whose limited command of the English language is both entertaining and infuriating. More useful to them is the fact that Roberto knows an escape route.
By Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
In Louisiana, Laurette has an argument with her boyfriend, DJ Zack a.k.a. Lee Baby Simms, and breaks up with him. The upset Zack drinks alcohol on the street and his acquaintance Preston offers him US$ 1,500 to drive a Jaguar to the other side of the city. However, there is one problem - a man is locked up in the trunk of the car. Zack is arrested and sent to the Orleans Parish Prison. Meanwhile the pimp Jack is framed by his acquaintance, arrested and put in the same cell as Zack. When an Italian Roberto, a.k.a. Bob, who does not speak English very well joins them in the same cell, the trio develops a strange friendship. Bob proposes a means of escape from prison.
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Box office

USD 23,749 (USA) (21 December 1986) (11 screens) USD 24,528 (USA) (14 December 1986) (12 screens) USD 46,210 (USA) (7 December 1986) (20 screens) USD 57,024 (USA) (30 November 1986) (24 screens) USD 54,420 (USA) (23 November 1986) (24 screens) USD 54,648 (USA) (16 November 1986) (24 screens) USD 48,506 (USA) (9 November 1986) (24 screens) USD 83,483 (USA) (2 November 1986) (31 screens) USD 96,320 (USA) (26 October 1986) (32 screens) USD 77,564 (USA) (19 October 1986) (30 screens) USD 93,323 (USA) (12 October 1986) (27 screens) USD 104,790 (USA) (5 October 1986) (21 screens) USD 49,840 (USA) (28 September 1986) (6 screens)
Full list of actors of Down by Law:
1 Ellen Barkin in the movie Down by Law Ellen Barkin 1986
2 Carrie Lindsoe in the movie Down by Law Carrie Lindsoe 1986
3 Billie Neal in the movie Down by Law Billie Neal 1986
4 Timothea in the movie Down by Law Timothea 1986
5 Adam (I) Cohen in the movie Down by Law Adam (I) Cohen 1986
6 David Dahlgren in the movie Down by Law David Dahlgren 1986
7 Richard Boes in the movie Down by Law Richard Boes 1986
8 Jay Hilliard in the movie Down by Law Jay Hilliard 1986
9 L.C. Drane in the movie Down by Law L.C. Drane 1986
10 John (I) Lurie in the movie Down by Law John (I) Lurie 1986
11 Eliott Keener in the movie Down by Law Eliott Keener 1986
12 Alan Kleinberg in the movie Down by Law Alan Kleinberg 1986
13 Dave Petitjean in the movie Down by Law Dave Petitjean 1986
14 Tom (I) Waits in the movie Down by Law Tom (I) Waits 1986
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