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By Mattias Thuresson:
Vineyard owner marquis Philippe de Montfaucon is called back to his castle Bellenac because of another dry season. He asks his wife and children to remain in Paris, but they still come after him. His wife Catherine de Montfaucon soon discovers that her husband is acting mysteriously and that his employees are following old pagan rituals that call for the life of the marquis himself to save the crops.
By Huggo:
The family of the Marquis, Philippe de Montfaucon, has long been the major landowner in Bellenac, a wine growing region in France. Philippe heads back to the family vineyard from his home in Paris when he learns that there are problems in the fields threatening the crops. Against Philippe's wishes, his wife, the Marquise, Catherine de Montfaucon, with their two adolescent children, Jacques and Antoinette, decides to follow Philippe back to Bellenac. There, Catherine sees what she believes is disturbing behavior. Young adult siblings, Christian and Odile de Caray, whose family has also lived in the region for generations, have been hanging around the estate. While Catherine witnesses Christian killing a dove with a bow and arrow, which he seems always to be brandishing, Odile seems to have this hypnotic power over anyone in her sights. What's worse is that Philippe seems to be in a transfixed state while in Bellenac. Although Catherine and the children's lives are threatened while in Bellenac by the actions of Christian and Odile, she decides to stay just to figure out what is happening and to save Philippe, who too seems like he is under some threat. When Catherine eventually learns what is going on and why Philippe didn't want her to come to Bellenac, it may be too late to save Philippe and perhaps Jacques from their evil destiny, as was the fate of seemingly many of the men of the de Montfaucon family in Bellenac over the generations.
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Full list of actors of Eye of the Devil:
1 Suky Appleby in the movie Eye of the Devil Suky Appleby 1966
2 Deborah Kerr in the movie Eye of the Devil Deborah Kerr 1966
3 Pauline Letts in the movie Eye of the Devil Pauline Letts 1966
4 Flora Robson in the movie Eye of the Devil Flora Robson 1966
5 Hyma Beckley in the movie Eye of the Devil Hyma Beckley 1966
6 Donald Bisset in the movie Eye of the Devil Donald Bisset 1966
7 Dido Plumb in the movie Eye of the Devil Dido Plumb 1966
8 Ernie Rice in the movie Eye of the Devil Ernie Rice 1966
9 Edward Mulhare in the movie Eye of the Devil Edward Mulhare 1966
10 Jim OBrady in the movie Eye of the Devil Jim OBrady 1966
11 Fred (I) Wood in the movie Eye of the Devil Fred (I) Wood 1966
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