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Based on the life of Eddie Huang during the mid-to-late 1990s, an Asian-American family decides to move to Orlando, Florida from Washington D.C. in order to embrace the "American Dream" by creating a steak restaurant. However, the family begins overcome many obstacles as they try to assimilate with the new culture that surrounds them. Jessica gets into a tangle with another mom and worries that she is the reason why Evan was uninvited to his best friend's birthday party. Meanwhile, Louis and Eddie are busy perfecting their secret family recipe for the North Orlando Chili Cook-Off Louis and Jessica get pressured into volunteering at the kids' schools because of budget cuts. Eddie sees a whole other side of his dad when Louis - a former semi-pro basketball player back in Taiwan -- coaches the basketball team, while Emery and Evan see a side of Jessica they wish they hadn't when she grudgingly takes on producing their school play, and puts her own spin on it. The 'Good Morning Orlando' hosts visit Louis at his restaurant and realize that he can make good impressions, and ask him to appear on their show. Eddie and his friends get love letters from Alison and her friends, but don't know which of Alison's friend sent love letters to Eddie's friends.
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41 Susan Boyajian in the movie Fresh Off the Boat Susan Boyajian 2015
42 Marie Buck in the movie Fresh Off the Boat Marie Buck 2015
43 Rachel Cannon in the movie Fresh Off the Boat Rachel Cannon 2015
44 Alice (I) Chen in the movie Fresh Off the Boat Alice (I) Chen 2015
45 Mo (I) Collins in the movie Fresh Off the Boat Mo (I) Collins 2015
46 Chelsey Crisp in the movie Fresh Off the Boat Chelsey Crisp 2015
47 Luna Blaise in the movie Fresh Off the Boat Luna Blaise 2015
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