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By Pat McCurry :
An evil scientist named Dr. Dexter and his supercomputer OLYMPUS unleash a sealed evil clan called the Gothic, causing untold destruction and threatening the human race to extinction. A special six member task force called the Gunblade Team is formed, using special smart phone devices called GB Drives to summon app weapons and powered exosuits to perform superhuman feats to combat this threat. Seven years after it's predecessor, Fumina Hoshino is the host of the Gunpla club in her high school, and, unfortunately, she is the only member and in danger of it being shut down. When a transfer student, Kamiki Sekai asks for the "fighting club", she takes him to the Gunpla club instead, he originally declines, but eventually they start fighting battles with their Gunpla, and from there on they start reaching for the top together. In a world where Gundam is a very popular T.V. show, Sei Iori wishes to be just like his father, who was a Gunpla champion years ago, unfortunately, Sei only has skill in building Gunpla, but once he meets a boy named Reiji, who has the ability to fight with his Gunpla, everything changes. Will they be able to make it to the top just like his father did? Short-lived sitcom based on the critically acclaimed movie. Hunt Stevenson is the laid-back American employee liaison of a Japanese car company in Hadleyville, Pennsylvania. Clashes abound as Hunt and Kaz looked for ways to bridge the gap between one another with funny results. Many of the Japanese actors from the movie reprised their roles for the series.
By Murray Chapman :
Hunt Stevenson works for a large car manufacturer that has just been bought out by a Japanese firm. Suddenly finding himself having to justify his own job, he's forced to choose between redundancy or the seemingly inhuman Japanese work ethic that the new owners have brought with them.
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Box office

USD 46,722 (USA) (13 July 1986) (81 screens) USD 41,910 (USA) (7 July 1986) (86 screens) USD 105,962 (USA) (29 June 1986) (177 screens) USD 181,953 (USA) (22 June 1986) (264 screens) USD 253,378 (USA) (15 June 1986) (327 screens) USD 366,994 (USA) (8 June 1986) (433 screens) USD 400,461 (USA) (1 June 1986) (501 screens) USD 624,381 (USA) (26 May 1986) (506 screens) USD 558,466 (USA) (18 May 1986) (652 screens) USD 801,116 (USA) (11 May 1986) (776 screens) USD 1,092,299 (USA) (4 May 1986) (872 screens) USD 1,318,564 (USA) (27 April 1986) (907 screens) USD 1,559,535 (USA) (20 April 1986) USD 2,033,821 (USA) (13 April 1986) USD 2,902,069 (USA) (6 April 1986) USD 3,491,801 (USA) (30 March 1986) USD 4,953,549 (USA) (23 March 1986) USD 7,170,830 (USA) (16 March 1986)
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Full list of actors of Gung Ho:
1 Linda Carola in the movie Gung Ho Linda Carola 1986
2 Maria Barney in the movie Gung Ho Maria Barney 1986
3 Julia (I) Hunt in the movie Gung Ho Julia (I) Hunt 2004
4 Mariye Inouye in the movie Gung Ho Mariye Inouye 1986
5 Emily Kuroda in the movie Gung Ho Emily Kuroda 1986
6 Heidi Lawson in the movie Gung Ho Heidi Lawson 1986
7 Tamie Saiki in the movie Gung Ho Tamie Saiki 1986
8 Wendy Schaal in the movie Gung Ho Wendy Schaal 1986
9 Nann Mogg in the movie Gung Ho Nann Mogg 1986
10 Patti Yasutake in the movie Gung Ho Patti Yasutake 1986
11 Jim S. Cash in the movie Gung Ho Jim S. Cash 1986
12 Jeff Centauri in the movie Gung Ho Jeff Centauri 2004
13 Kim (I) Chan in the movie Gung Ho Kim (I) Chan 1986
14 Scott Atari in the movie Gung Ho Scott Atari 1986
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