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By Anonymous & Raphaella So:
Miley Stewart might seem like an average girl but she isn't. She moved from Tennessee to Malibu and is adapting to a new lifestyle. Miley has a huge secret only known by her dad/manager Robbie Ray Stewart, her weird brother Jackson Stewart, and her two best friends Lilly Truscott and Oliver Oken. Miley Stewart's huge secret is she leads a double as the famous pop singer Hannah Montana along with her friend Lilly who also has a double life as Lola, Hannah's friend.
By Seth Parker (AshTFrankFurter2) & Raphaella So:
Miley Stewart leads a completely normal life, except for one factor. She's teen pop sensation Hannah Montana! She lives with her fun dad Robbie Ray and dorky brother Jackson and has fun with her two best friends Lilly Truscott and Oliver Oken. She goes through average teen problems including pimples, bullies, and the occasional wicked cousin trying to reveal your secret.
By Arnold:
Part one. Jake Ryan returns from his movie shoot, only to find out that Miley has lost interest in him. Jake tries to win Miley back, but only woos other fanatic girls. Jackson and Oliver create a successful business selling Cheezy Jerky, which makes Rico jealous and causes him to create a plan to steal the recipe.
By Tyler:
Part one of two. Jake Ryan comes back only to find out that Miley is not interested in him anymore. He finally wins her back but loses her again because he has to make an appearance with his female co-star. While he is there, he confesses that he is love with Miley. Miley finally forgives him and they start dating. Jake becomes honest and tells Miley that his real name is Lesley. While Miley is reading a story to a second grade class as Hannah Montana, she realizes that it is wrong to lie to Jake. Later on at night, Miley tells Jake that she is Hannah Montana. Jackson and Oliver start selling Cheeze Jerkey which is a smash hit. Rico loves it so much that he tries to constantly steal it.
Lilly is reading a tabloid magazine when she sees that Jake's movie is done shooting and he is back in town for the premiere. Miley says that she wouldn't care if he fell out of the sky in a tuxedo pleading to be forgiven. Lilly is trying to give Miley clues that Jake is right on her side on his knees begging for forgiveness. Miley takes a drink and pours it on his head. Later that day, Miley keeps on getting gift baskets from Jake when he walks in a knight costume he says you have poured drinks on me and yelled at me but the one thing you haven't done was told me that you don't care about me any more. I'm sorry for kissing you and leaving I know that was wrong but tell me you don't still think about me and I'll leave. Miley tells him she still cares and they should go on a date that night. Jake tells Miley he has his movie premiere and Miley said that it was a little more public than she hoped but it will do. It turns out Jake was pretending to date one of his co-stars for the publicity and that she was his date for the premiere Miley says he's alone with a head ache and starts hitting him with a salami he had given her. Lilly, Robbie Ray and Miley are watching the premiere on TV when Jake and his so called girlfriend come to be interviewed one of the question asked was hold did you know you were in love? and Jake's answer was well when i looked into Miley's eyes. And his date gets mad. The interviewer says we all makes mistakes and Jake says yeah the truth is I'm I am in love with a girl named Miley Stewart. and I lost her that the difference between fantasy and real life. Miley keeps on rewinding to the part when Jake says I'm in love with a girl named Miley Stewart. Robbie Ray says your gonna break it and Miley says I don't care. Jake walks out of the premiere looking sad and depressed when he sees Miley. She walks up to him saying who says real life doesn't have a happy ending and kisses him. The next day Miley and Jake are on the cover of a tabloid magazine kissing and all of the sudden the doorbell rings it's Amber and Ashley trying to befriend Miley. On a picnic at the beach Jake buys Miley a star and tells her his real name is Leslie. And that they now know everything about each other. Miley feels extremely guilty at the end of the night, Jake and Miley are standing on the porch Robbie Ray is right there and will not let them kiss. Miley tells him that she felt really guilty about lying to Jake and he recommends that she tell him. Miley was reading to a second grade class when she realized that lying was wrong. At the end of the episode, Miley is standing on the beach in a trench coat when she tells him she is Hannah Montana (making Jake the third person that Miley revealed her Hannah Montana secret to) . He stares at her in awe.Miley had just showed Jake Ryan her secret identity as Hannah Montana. He ends up not wanting to be Miley's girlfriend because of Hannah. Jackson and Oliver create a successful business selling Cheezy Jerky, which makes Rico jealous and causes him to create a plan to steal
By Pablo Solis:
Miley cancels a special father-daughter afternoon with her dad to go on a first date with Jesse instead. She gets mad when Jesse answers a phone call from his father because she blew off her father to spend time with him. She then holds a concert as Hannah in honor of those in the military and their families who don't have the fortune of having them home.
By Pablo Solis:
An apologetic Miley plans to make up for the fiasco that Hannah caused at Lilly's last birthday with a special girl's night out. Unfortunately, she ends up stranded in the middle of nowhere on the big day, which leaves Jackson in charge of keeping an increasingly upset Lilly busy until Miley arrives.
By Chrisso Solis:
Hannah pretends to date a celebrity she can't stand to get in the news. Jackson thinks that he has to cheat on a test in school. Then, when his answers melted from his hand, all of those answers ended up in Jackson's head; he memorized all of the answers.
By Chrisso Solis:
Miley is trying to audition for the starring role of a cartoon duck. But she doesn't know how to make a good impression at the audition. Kyle, the professional voice actor helps her. Rico utilizes fancy restaurant gadgets for decorations. Robby Ray learns to text and bothers Jackson with it.
By Anonymous:
Robbie Ray gives Miley and Jackson Credit Cards for emergencies only. Jackson keeps losing his. Miley Maxes hers out at a Flea Market after tearing her jeans. she then sell some Hannah Montana stuff to pay it off. but Then must try to a pair of earrings when Robbie Ray tells her the Jewerly company gave them the real Sapphire earrings.
By Chrisso Solis:
Miley has always been scared of the dentist, but is determined to prove to her dad that she is old enough to go on her own. Miley hides from the dentist and doesn't tell Roby, who has signed up Hannah Montana, as Miley hoped, for her favorite cooking show Tasty Treats. But things go really bad when she's asked to eat something crunchy. Also Oliver is still dating Joanne and he has turned into a vegetarian for her, but he struggles after Rico torments him about meat.
By the proud eagle:
Miley wants her dad to buy her a Z-phone. When he doesn't, she and Lilly sell a picture of her to the tabloid to get money to buy a Z-phone. They try to get it back when they realizes that the photo accidentally reveals Miley's secret that she is Hannah because she is wearing a Miley necklace. They make a deal with the tabloid to go to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's hotel room to trade a embarrassing picture of "The Rock" to get the Hannah picture back. They proceed to give him lipstick, manicures, clip on earrings, eye shadow, and curlers before taking his picture with a digital camera. As they leave to take the picture to the tabloid Miley has second thoughts and shows "The Rock" the picture before giving him the memory card. "The Rock" then helps Miley get the picture back from the tabloid by holding him upside down. Also, Jackson gets sunburned after participating in a shirts and skins beach volleyball match.
By Chrisso Solis:
Jackson agrees to forgive and forget after Miley humiliates him, but she doubts his sincerity once the media finds out something shameful about Hannah. City slicker Rico will have to do more than just tow the line if he wants to win the heart of a country hottie.
By Meghan:
Miley is crushing on Jake but she is having trouble whether she should tell him or not. So her godmother, Dolly Parton decides to fly in from Tennessee to help her. She makes the house all pink and flowery, so much that it gets to Robbie Ray and Jackson to make them thinking they are unmanly. Dolly talks with Miley while filming as she was filming, she accidentally recorded Miley confessing she was in love with Jake Ryan. Oliver and Lilly come over only to makes things worse to give the tape to Jake Ryan, the editor on accident taking Dolly's camera. So Miley, Dolly, and Lilly sneak in to steal the tape.
By Me:
Miley's Aunt comes to visit, played by Dolly Parton. Miley is having problems with her feelings for Jake, and will not talk to anyone about it. Then, after Aunt dolly has filmed the other family members their messages back home, Miley opens up to here. But Aunt Dolly accidentally leaves the camera on, and Miley says that she is totally in love with Jake While it was on. Then Oliver, who is recording farewells for their retiring principal, accidentally takes Aunt Dolly's camera. When Miley finds out, she asks Oliver for the tape the next day. But when Oliver gives it back, the tape is gone. He says he gave it to the editor, who is Jake! Then Aunt Dolly comes up with a plan to get the tape back. She, Miley, and Lily go into the school, and get the tape back. Then, next day, as Miley is about to confess to Jake she loves him, she finds out he already has a girlfriend.
By Anonymous:
Lilly gets a job working at a sandwich shop, but her perfectionism leads her to get fired quickly. After the Stewarts' housekeeper quits, Lilly suggests herself as a replacement because she needs to earn money to buy a car. Robby Ray is concerned that it might be awkward for Lilly to work for the family, but agrees to hire her. Lilly's perfectionism gets the house sparkling clean, which thrills Robby Ray but makes Miley and Jackson uncomfortable, leading them to try to get Lilly her old job back. Meanwhile, Oliver is hired for Jackson's former job at Rico's snack stand. Rico is disappointed to find out that, unlike Jackson, Oliver actually enjoys the job.
By Disney Channel Publicity:
Robby misses the deadline to register Miley for school, but when Principal Luger makes an exception for Hannah Montana, the problem is solved. However, Miley finds that attending school as Hannah attracts much more attention than she'd like. Meanwhile, Jackson is paranoid when Siena asks him out on a date.
By Chrisso Solis:
Miley is thrilled when Hannah receives a highly coveted Diamond, but the Diamond quickly loses its luster when the award committee places it in an undesirable location. People are throwing chili dog on the Diamond and she wants the hot dog guy to move. Rico enjoys tormenting Jackson's temporary replacement: Robbie.
By Anonymous:
Miley has restarted her relationship with Jake Ryan but has her doubts about telling her father straight away as she fears that everything she and Jake have been through in the past has caused her father to dislike Jake. However upon witnessing how much Robbie Ray dislikes bad-boy musician Jesse, Miley comes up with a plan to get Jake back in her fathers good books again.
By Anonymous:
Miley's plan to get Jake back in Robbie Rays good books again worked out much to Miley's pleasure, however little did Miley know that she would begin to develop feelings for Jesse in her attempt to make Jake look good. Miley is torn between who she should choose and who could ultimately be the one for her.
By jasononwenu:
Miley wakes up with laryngitis. In order to preserve Hannah's career, she needs to be operated. While in bed, sleeping, Miley's mother (played by Brooke Shields) visits her and tells Miley that life and everything will be okay with friends and family by her side.
By Al Strickland:
Miley gets a date with a boy who surprises her with tickets to Hannah Montana!
By Giraffiejr:
Miley likes a ninth grader, and asks him out. When he comes over to her house, she is saying to her father how he can have different opinions on things, when she find out he doesn't like Hannah Montana. She tries to get him to like her at a concert he surprises her with tickets with, by making Hannah do everything he wants her to do. In the end, while she is crowd surfing, Lily and Oliver tell her that he left because he didn't like it. While all of this is going on, Jackson meets a girl on the beach named Olivia, and he asks her out on a date. Little did he know that Olivia is Cooper's little sister in town visiting for the weekend. Olivia comes over the Jackson's side, and so does Cooper. Cooper finds Olivia there, and gets mad at Jackson when he finds them kissing. Coopers feelings change when he catches Olivia kissing the pizza delivery guy.
By Pablo Solis:
Jesse rejects Miley after the Hannah secret interferes with his life. Miley and Lilly both apply to the same college. Lilly gets in and Miley doesn't get in. She drives 200 miles to Stanford college and she almost reveals her secret to the lady of the college.
By Pablo Solis:
Miley starts to feel guilty after realizing what her friends have to sacrifice in order for her to continue her double life. She then starts to think about giving up Hannah Montana. In a live concert, she reveals her secret to everyone and says that she's Miley Stewart.
By Walter Down:
While Hannah is taping a Christmas TV Special with singer Sheryl Crow, brother Jackson is pining away for his new girlfriend Sienna who is overseas on a photo shoot in Peru. Best friends Lilly and Oliver are afraid to tell Hannah/Miley that her boyfriend Jake has cheated on her while he is on location filming a new movie.
By Chrisso Solis:
After Oliver starts dating Miley and Lilly's arch rival Joannie, they must choose between tolerating her or losing their friendship with Oliver. Oliver wants Joannie to get along with Miley and Lily so they invite her to a sleep over. Joannie seems to get along with Lily but not with Miley.
By Pablo Solis:
Oliver becomes an overnight sensation after performing on a TV talent show and the success quickly goes to his head. Miley and Lilly decide that the only way get their old pal back is if Hannah, who will be a judge for the show's finale, persuades the other judges to vote against Oliver.
By Anonymous:
When Robby and Lilly's mom Heather make plans to go out on a date, Miley and Lilly get so excited, the're sure they'll hit it off and the two of them will become sisters, but all doesn't go as planned when Robby and Heather have a disagreement and the girls argue over whose parent is to blame.
By MySuper15:
Miley tries to keep her secret from letting Lily know that she is Hannah Montana. When Lily sneaks into Hannah Montana's dressing room, Miley's secret is out in the opened. Things get complicated between Miley and Lily, when it is hard for Lily to get use to the fact that Miley is Hannah Montana.
By Anonymous:
Guest starring Hollywood Records recording artists the Jonas Brothers, who will join Hannah Montana for her first ever full-length duet, performing an original song created for this episode. In the storyline, Miley Stewart is jealous when her dad, Robby, is songwriting with Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. They all end up singing "We Got The Party"
By jasononwenu:
Miley's going to high school as a freshman is going great until she received the message that someone knows her secret as Hannah Montana. It is revealed that Rico is the sender. For Miley to keep her secret from being revealed to the entire world, she needs to pretend to be Rico's girlfriend.
By Chrisso Solis:
Miley and Oliver become temporary deejays at a teen-oriented radio station after the regular host takes an unexpected leave. Meanwhile, Rico lets Jackson run the snack shack and he hopes that it will lose money and his dad won't be able to sell it.
By Chrisso Solis:
Miley starts to miss her old life in Tennessee. She dreams about blue jeans, her horse. Oliver gets an offer to go on a concert tour, but he won't be able to see Lilly for six months. Jackson thinks that it's time for him to move out of the house.
By Chrisso Solis:
Jackson likes his new home in his new bachelor pad, but finds out that the place is a crumbling wreck. Miley is having second thoughts of going back to the simple life in Tennessee. Oliver is thinking of giving up the tour to be with Lilly, while Lilly tries to figure out what she will do without Oliver and Miley in her life. Jackson decides to move back in with his family.
By Anonymous:
New Popstar Hannah Montana has many fans, including her friend Oliver. Oliver just so happens to be completly in love with Hannah but she doesn't feel the same. So Miley and Lily decide to come up with a plan to break there friend out of the love spell even at the risk of exposing Hannah's secret identity as Miley. Miley's school raises money for the United People Releif Fund. Miley uses her Hannah Montana celebrity status to help out her,Lily, and Oliver when they hear that Amber and Ashley were giving big checks from their dads. Lily and Miley then give the Hannah money to Sarah cause she seems to be doing charity for the right reasons.Amber and Ashley brought in the most money cause Oliver bragged how Sarah was going to bring in more money then them. Then Miley helps Sarah Change Amber and Ashley plans for the day by telling the reporter that Amber and Ashley were going to buy clothes for the needy, then and serve soup at the soup kitchen with Sarah.Jackson turns everything into a compaction after finding out Robbie Ray let him win a basketball game
By whalelovermn:
Miley has been asked out by Jake Ryan to go to the 70s dance. She says no, but when filming an episode with him on his tv show, Zombie High, she realizes she likes him. Since Miley had said no, he asked Lily and she said yes. So she tries to get back with Jake for the dance trying to throw out Lily.
By Anonymous:
When Paulie the Papparazo snaps a picture of "Hannah" and Jackson at home it leads people to believe that Hannah Montana has a new boyfriend. Hilarity ensues when Jackson uses this opportunity to abuse all the benefits of being a "celebrity boyfriend."
By Anonymous:
When Hannah Montana And Jackson Get Back from a Concert Paulie The Paparazzo takes a picture of them and everyone think they're a Couple. Jackson then stretches it out to get free stuff from companies. Oliver and Sarah is raising a bag of flour as a baby for home economics class
New Kid In School is about Miley almost telling that she's Hannah Montana. The new kid is a super star and gets treated like one. So Miley gets jealous and wants to be treated like a star so she risk her double life just to have pancakes in class.
By Chrisso Solis:
Miley tries to convince Lilly and Oliver that she likes being single, but they keep trying to set her up with dates. When she meets Traci's boyfriend "faux beau" Adam, she decides to use him to fool her friends into thinking she found someone that she likes. Adam cancels at the last moment but sends his uncouth friend Ralphie in his place.
By madmia3:
Miley and Lilly check Hannah's fan email and find out that a girl from their school likes Oliver, so they tell him and he asks her out. Then they find out from an email that the girl is going to break up with him, so they tell him, but it turns out she was breaking up with another guy. Meanwhile Rico picks on Jackson
By Anonymous:
Hannah and Jake present the award for best on screen kiss at the Teen Scene Awards. While there, she sees Jake with another girl backstage and thinks that she is his new girlfriend. She gets really jealous and tries to make Jake jealous as well. How will it turn out? Tune in to find out.
By ZacEfronFan:
Jake is hanging out with another actress named Holly. Miley thinks it's his girlfriend. So Miley uses a boy named Willis, who she thinks is a high school senior, to try to make Jake jealous. Jackson tries to get his dad to go out with his teacher to get him an A
By Evelyne Turrin:
Jake and Miley are at the video awards giving the award for Best Onscreen Kiss. Miley keeps messing up because she is too busy staring at Jake. After handing out the award, Miley and Lily are back stage, and Lily says that Jake broke up with Rachel, and Miley will have a chance to get together with him. But then, they see Jake and another actress named Holly. Jake is using her to try and make Miley jealous. Miley tries to make Jake jealous by asking out a guy named Willis, which she thinks is a senior. She asks him out to a bolling alley, and finds out that he is eleven and a half. She dumps him, and at the beach the next day, sees Jake, and asks him why he hadn't told any of the other guys that she went out with an eleven and a half year old. He says its because he thought it was pretty cute that she tried to make him jealous. She goes over to him and they start trying to make each other confess that they like each other. Then, Jake kisses Miley. It goes to commercial, and when it comes back, it shows Jake and Miley sitting on a balcony, and Miley says that they are now going out. Jake asks her if she wants to go on a date, four months from that Saturday, because he is doing a movie, and leaving that night. She says she is going to give him something to remember her while he is gone. She leans in to kiss him and pushes him off of the balcony. While this is going on, Jackson is using his dad to get a good grade by dating his teacher.
By triplehache2003:
Miley gets picked on by the new girl who's nickname is The Cracker. Jackson and Robbie Stewart have their fishing trip snowed out and have to stay in a bug infested hotel. Roxy goes undercover as a new bully to try and put The Crackers terror to an end. Jackson and Robbie get stuck with the hotel manager and his ventriloquist dummy. Roxy gives Miley a new wardrobe so she can protect her at all times. Miley gets made into a salad before Lily can get the Principal. We find out why The Cracker is so mean because her real name is Henrietta Laverne. Jackson steals Miley's wig when he gets home so the ventriloquist dummy can be a little pop star.
By Shadowcatah7007:
When Miley's dad writes a new Hannah Montana song, not having a special guitar puts things off, so Miley looks for the song and isn't too happy when she finds it, causing her to sleepwalk and tell her dad what she thinks about the song. Also, Jackson tries to stop Miley from sleepwalking so that he can get his dad to agree to him throwing a huge house party.
By Anonymous:
Hannah gets a perfume line but hates it. She hates it because it's made of raspberries and she feels sick when she smells raspberries. But she either has to decide to not sell the product and not lie to her fans saying that she hates it, or to sell the product and lie to her fans saying that "she loves it". She goes on a t.v. show after she decides she is gonna sell the product, but then gets caught and says she hates it. She then finally decides not to sell it.
By theproudeagle:
Hannah Montana is taking the teen cruise to Hawaii on the S.S Tipton to her concert. While on the ship she loses her lucky anklet that her mom gave her before her first concert. She thinks because she lost her anklet that's why she is having all this bad luck. The maid, Lydia, finds it in her cabin and as she is giving it to Mr. Moseby London snatches it away. When Hannah sees that London has her anklet she tries to get it back. When she tells London the diamonds are fake London drops the anklet into the ocean. As she is pouting about the anklet her wig is picked up by the wind. Lily then tries to dye another wig blond but leaves it too long and it turns green. She says she not doing the concert because of all that's happened, but her dad tells her that her mom will always be in her heart which makes her feel a lot better.
By Disney Channel Publicity:
The Stewarts move onto their new ranch home, but Miley and Lilly are aghast that Robby Ray has moved Miley's old bedroom furniture, complete with white bunk beds, pink walls, pink bedding, dolls, a stuffed unicorn and Rainbow Piggy, into their new home, so they set out to make some changes. Meanwhile, Jackson must befriend an obnoxious new kid, T.J., in order to get close to his beautiful cousin Siena who lives next door.
By theproudeagle:
After the rehearsal for the Hannah Montana Presidential concert one of her back up dancers ask Hannah out on a date, which Roxy invites her self along. Hannah Montana performs for the President of the United States. After the concert Roxy saves the President from eating tainted sushi, which lily as Lola found out too late and as see runs to the bathroom to throw it back up. The President is impressed that he offers her a job she turns him down but takes the job after her and Miley get into a fight. While Jackson is trying to convince his girlfriend he is a motocross racer. Hannah and Robby Ray interview for new bodyguard but Roxy's face keeps popping in. Hannah takes Lola to the hotel the president is staying to try to convince Roxy to come back, but her plan hits a snag when she is informed that she must in stay the room and wait for the President's daughter Sophie. she and Lola switch outfit so she can sneak out to find Roxy, but while looking for Roxy she gets mistaken by President Richard Martinez as the dog whisperer then uses the dog to tell Roxy that she misses her and made a mistake letting her go. Roxy tells Robby Ray that she missed him and hasn't had a hug in two days. They hug , then Robby Ray realizes that Hannah Dressed as Lola . Hannah and Roxy were so busy reminiscing that they left Lola dressed as Hannah with Sophie back at the hotel. Hannah and Roxy run out the door
By Kim:
When Jake tells Miley he wants to keep their relationship platonic, Miley convinces herself that she is fine with it and won't be jealous. However, when she discovers that her biggest competitor, Mikayla, is going to be Jake's new co-star and love interest on his next film, Miley devises a plan to get Mikayla fired off the set. When the plan doesn't succeed, Miley must come to terms with how she wants to handle her new relationship with Jake.
By Sarah:
When Jake tells Miley he wants to keep their relationship platonic, Miley convinces herself that she is fine with it and won't be jealous. However, when she discovers that her biggest competitor, Mikayla, is going to be Jake's new co-star and love interest on his next film, Miley devises a plan to get Mikayla fired off the set. When the plan doesn't succeed, Miley must come to terms with how she wants to handle her new relationship with Jake.
By Anonymous:
There is a show called Singing With the Stars, and whoever wins, will sing with Hannah Montana. At school, Amber says that she could win. She then goes into the bathroom and Miley says that she would make sure that Amber didn't win. But then she hears a terrible voice coming from the bathroom and Miley said she WOULD make sure she got in because she wanted Amber to be humiliated on t.v. At lunch, Miley then calls Amber and says that she would be in Singing With the Stars and singing with Hannah Montana. Then Amber says it aloud that she is going to be singing with Hannah Montana on Singing with the Stars and asks everybody if they want to hear her song. Then Ashley starts to sing and she sings horrible. But Amber tells her to stop and she begins to sing. Everybody sees that she has a great voice and then Lilly and Miley come up with a plan to make Amber be humiliated on t.v. At the show, around 2 minutes before starting, Amber confesses to Hannah that when she was little, people made fun of her, and she was feeling really scared/nervous that that would happen again. Hannah decides to go through where Amber is supposed to go through, and she gets humiliated because it makes everything poof up, etc. That was the entrance that Amber was supposed to go through. And that's pretty much it.
By hoopie3:
Miley, Jackson and her dad just finished a concert in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when Miley gets a phone call from Lilly saying that she has an extra ticket to a Maroon 5 concert. When Miley asks her dad, he says that he wanted to take the scenic route to see the sights. When they arrive at an old diner, Mr. Stewart makes them stop and go in. Miley gets mad, so her and Jackson go back to the bus. Later, Miley gets struck by lightning and goes back in time to the day that her mother and father met at the restaurant. But when her parents won't even look at each other, Jackson starts to fade away and Miley has to try to get them together.
By Pablo Solis:
Lilly's Mother gets a job in Atlanta, but Lilly doesn't want to go there. Miley decides that Lilly should move in with her, but being roommates quickly takes a toll on the girls friendship. Lilly decides to move in with her dad but later on, Miley talks to her and Lilly moves back in with her.
By Anonymous:
Miley's cousin Luanne from Tennesse comes to visit her. Everyone thinks that she is so sweet and nice, but Miley knows the true Luanne, who is evil and manipulative. Luanne's evil plan is to ruin Miley/Hannah's career and show everyone that Miley is Hannah Montana at the costume party.
By Anonymous:
Miley gets Jackson fired while trying to get him a raise ,then Inadvertently hires him as her assistant then fires him after he ruins her performance at teen pop awards then gets his old job back that oliver took by entering a tango contest with Rico
By Chrisso Solis:
Hannah confesses she doesn't like carrots on TV, and it has a backlash through her fans who stop eating them. Going on TV again to change her comment makes things worse. Once she tells her fans not to do the things she does because she's famous, all of her fans start to love things again.
By Chrisso Solis:
Miley returns from filming a movie and finds that Lilly and Oliver have started dating. There is something about Lilly that Oliver doesn't like and there's something about Oliver that Lilly doesn't like. Jackson gets an interview with a university and lies about himself to the representative in order to have a better chance of admission.
By Anonymous:
Miley's school has arranged a trip to Washington DC. But Lily cannot afford it, so Miley tries to give her the money but she won't accept it. So Miley tricks Lily into thinking a stranger has offered to pay her $500 for her baseball cap, but Lily soon finds out and is upset with Miley.
By Saeb Msarwa:
Miley and Jackson forget their dad's birthday, and he naturally feels unappreciated, so they plan a surprise party to make him believe that they didn't forget. Meanwhile, Lily and Oliver have found a chip that resembles Darth Vader and try to take bids on it until Rico claims it as his own.
By Theairkiser210:
Jackson and Miley get grounded for fighting and bickering over sharing Miley's bathroom because of an incident that happened earlier that morning.Leading them to miss their social events. With that being so, they force Lilly and Oliver to pretend to them so Robbie Ray will know that they are there. Their plans do not go the way they plan.
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Full list of actors of Hannah Montana:
1 Susan Boyajian in the movie Hannah Montana Susan Boyajian 2006
2 Jolie Brady in the movie Hannah Montana Jolie Brady 2006
3 Alison Brie in the movie Hannah Montana Alison Brie 2006
4 Bianca Brockl in the movie Hannah Montana Bianca Brockl 2006
5 Samy Camara in the movie Hannah Montana Samy Camara 2006
6 Aimee Carrero in the movie Hannah Montana Aimee Carrero 2006
7 Yvette Cason in the movie Hannah Montana Yvette Cason 2006
8 Hayley Chase in the movie Hannah Montana Hayley Chase 2006
9 Julia (I) Cho in the movie Hannah Montana Julia (I) Cho 2006
10 Stacy Choe in the movie Hannah Montana Stacy Choe 2006
11 Isabella Acres in the movie Hannah Montana Isabella Acres 2006
12 Kimberly Adair in the movie Hannah Montana Kimberly Adair 2006
13 Brooks Almy in the movie Hannah Montana Brooks Almy 2006
14 June Angela in the movie Hannah Montana June Angela 2006
15 Lisa Arch in the movie Hannah Montana Lisa Arch 2006
16 Lili Asvar in the movie Hannah Montana Lili Asvar 2006
17 Avion Baker in the movie Hannah Montana Avion Baker 2006
18 Amber Barbell in the movie Hannah Montana Amber Barbell 2006
19 Najla Bashirah in the movie Hannah Montana Najla Bashirah 2006
20 Frances Bay in the movie Hannah Montana Frances Bay 2006
21 Adrienne Berry in the movie Hannah Montana Adrienne Berry 2006
22 Summer Bishil in the movie Hannah Montana Summer Bishil 2006
23 Vanessa Born in the movie Hannah Montana Vanessa Born 2006
24 Mitchel Musso in the movie Hannah Montana Mitchel Musso 2006
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