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By Marty McKee :
Jonathan Hart was a self-made millionaire--the CEO of Hart Industries, a global conglomerate. His gorgeous wife Jennifer was a freelance journalist. They were both amateur sleuths, and in every episode found themselves up to their eyeballs in murder, smuggling, theft and international espionage. They also managed to find time to snuggle together, as they loved each other very much. Max was their loyal, gravelly-voiced butler, cook & chauffeur, and Freeway their pet canine.
By jem:
Max's penfriend, Elizabeth, comes for her first visit to the Hart residence. Unfortunately for Max, he embellished his station in life and claimed that he had the mansion and the money. As a favour to Max, the Harts decide to exchange roles and become Max's servants in his house. Things don't go well as Jennifer is not a good cook and Max starts to relish his new role. Things go further downhill when Elizabeth's nephew breaks in and steals some of the valuables. However, the nephew also owes money to a heavy and he is also interested in robbing the Harts.
By 90805 smith:
Jennifer wins a walk-on part to a popular soap opera where a real murder of an actress has taken place. After a successful day on the set, Jennifer is asked to help write the next few episodes when the head writer is murdered by the actor whose character is about to die in the show. Will Jennifer be next? Marital problems are involved when an aspiring actress accidentally shoots her wealthy husband. When the Harts intervene and start investigating they uncover a conspiracy between the victim's brother and the widow's housekeeper. Can Jonathan and Jennifer prevent another person from being killed or will the widow take her revenge? Unfounded marital suspicions lead a woman to accidentally kill her wealthy husband. Johnathan and Jennifer investigate and uncover conspiracy against the widow. Can Jonathan and Jennifer find out the truth or will the wealthy widow take revenge?
By Jules:
A pilot film for a series which officially debuted a few days earlier. Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers play the wealthy, happy married couple Jonathan and Jennifer Hart. He's a self made millionaire, CEO, she's a journalist; together they solve crimes. In this first escapade, the Harts tackle the case of a friend's death at a fancy health spa.
By mama.sylvia:
The Harts want to give their charity committee gourmet chocolate hearts as a thank-you, but when one turns out to have been part of a smuggling operation, can Jonathan and Jennifer figure out what is going on before someone tries the "special" chocolates from an unknown admirer?
Hart Industries is considering buying a bankrupt old West ghost town, and increasing its value as a tourist attraction. The resident bad guys are determined to prevent that, forcing Jonathan to don his six-shooters, so he and Jennifer can ride off into the sunset. Jonathan accompanies Jennifer to her prep school reunion, where they meet up with Ford, one of her classmates. Lonely, unpopular and overweight in his prep school years, Ford returns trim, fit, successful, and with motives of making Jennifer his own. His plan to get Jonathan out of the picture is through a post-hypnotic suggestion designed to make Jonathan crash his own car, making his death look like an accident.
By jem:
Jennifer witnesses the murder of a mob boss by his rival. When this becomes known, the murderer vows to kill her. The police protection fails when there is an attempt on her life so Jonathan takes matters in his own hands. They decide to hide in a convent disguised as a priest and a nun. This works until they are betrayed and are pursued by another killer, one they didn't expect.
By jem:
When Jonathan Hart purchases a perfume company in order to commission a perfume for Jennifer, he is unaware of the greed and an ongoing affair of the man's wife who uses a concoction to murder her wealthy husband, the owner of a perfume company. The Harts stumble upon this case and soon they find themselves up to their noses in the perfume world. Will they be able to sniff out the culprits or will they fall victim to the scent of danger? Jennifer is going to write an article on the Scottish clans and speaks to a Scottish chieftain. When he finds an old parchment that shows where a valuable claymore worth millions of dollars is buried he is killed by a rival. When some research seems to show that Jennifer is eligible to be the chieftain through her great aunt she decides to run for the position. However, her rival is determined to win and is quite willing to commit more murders to do so.
By jem:
An innocent woman is being blackmailed by her ex-husband, who threatens to implicate her in a robbery. He forces her to send her son to Jonathan, saying that the boy is Jonathan's son, Jonathan Hart Jr. Jonathan realises that the boy is not his but is determined to find his mother and discover what the real story is. When the boy is kidnapped during an outing to the zoo the mystery deepens. Then his mother turns up and she appears to remember personal details about Jonathan. However, Jonathan becomes suspicious when a ransom demand is made.
By isajademarilyn:
In the middle of the night, a eight year old boy is dropped by her mother, to the Hart's house. He pretends to be Jonathan Hart Jr. The following morning they try to find the boy's home. Jonathan wants to unveil the truth before telling the young boy that he's not his father. Soon the boy is kidnapped by his real father.
By jem:
Jennifer's father sees a woman who reminds him of his nurse when he was wounded during WWII. However, she is a con woman, and impersonating Jennifer's half-sister to get her hands on the Edward's family trust money. When she is put into the will, the plan changes to include murdering Jennifer's father. Jonathan is suspicious and finds proof that the papers that the woman has are all forgeries. But Jennifer is reluctant to tell her father seeing how happy he is.
By jem:
Max has been taken hostage in order to train two Hart look-alikes to fool some wealthy people at a dinner, which includes a senator and a jewellery store owner. In a case of mistaken identity, the real Jonathan and Jennifer turn up but the criminal mastermind is unaware of it. The problem will be when the real look-alikes turn up. The Harts also still don't know what the kidnappers have planned for them and the visitors.
By mama.sylvia:
The Harts look forward to a nice lunch with Jennifer's friend and her new husband, but her husband suddenly disappears and is shortly found dead. Meanwhile, two men who followed him out of the restaurant next show up in his L.A. apartment and start following who they think is his wife: Jennifer.
When Jonathan and Jennifer visit her father,he seems preoccupied about something. He doesn't tell them anything. Later when something happens, he reveals that after the war he and some other men were tasked with locating a Nazi and bringing him to trial. He now learns that the man's son is seeking vengeance and has taken out the men who helped him and now he's coming after him.
By harter64:
Hart recording artist Lorene Tyler (real life country singer Charly McClain) is beginning an international tour. Lorene's manger/husband Jesse, a jewel thief, has a costume made for her that sparkles with the stolen diamonds from a recent jewelry store robbery. After the outfit is loaned to Jennifer for a party, Jesse is determined to get it back at any price, even murder.
By jem:
The Harts come across an accident where a potential Olympic figure skater and her father are seriously injured. Inadvertently, they had just witnessed the preparation for an assassination and the shooter had tried to kill her. After the accident, the skater has been left deaf and so Jonathan uses the resources of Hart Industries to give her an aid that allows her to hear. They also ask a friend, Olympic skater Tai Babilonia, to coach her. But the shooter hasn't finished.
By jem:
Max's nephew, Doug, is one of the top players for Westcliff Wildcats, the college's basketball team. Following a tipoff, the Campus Security finds cocaine in his locker. After Max contacts the Harts, they go undercover at the college to find out what has been happening. It appears that there has been some heavy betting on the next game and, without Doug, they are likely to lose. When Jennifer does some investigating, the criminals make an attempt on her life and another student is murdered.
By mama.sylvia:
Max's bodybuilder protégé Vince is about to open a gym, but someone tries to steal Vince's famous barbells - twice. They leave Max injured the first time and a Scotland Yard inspector dead the second time, muttering the name Noel Teppman, an almost-mythical gold thief. Jonathan realizes Vince has been pumping not iron but gold and sets a trap for Teppman.
By mama.sylvia:
After two attempts on Jonathan's life, he stages his own murder to see why someone is trying to get him out of the way. A stranger who once helped Jonathan out of a snowdrift turns up with a will supposedly leaving everything to him, and Jonathan's lawyer Owen starts putting the moves on Jennifer.
By jem:
The Hart's are off to their ranch for a holiday. They are shooting an advertisement for Hart Industries using a temperamental director. After dismissing several professional models, he decides to use Jennifer in the advertisement. At the same time, there is an escape by a prisoner being transported. He has served five years in jail on account of testimony by Jennifer and he has sworn revenge. There are several attempts on her life, which includes one model mistakenly run over by a car and another man murdered.
By jem:
Jonathan and Jennifer give Max an expensive foreign cigar. Max plans to go to Vegas like he does every year at the same time, but fearing he's 'in a rut', decides to travel somewhere different, only he doesn't tell anyone where he's going. The Harts discover that the cigar is poisonous and need to track down Max before it's too late. Jonathan and Jennifer are to perform again in an annual charity benefit for children. The director has unhappy memories of the theatre and there are stories of it being haunted by the ghost of a dead actress. It turns out that there is a stage manager who is besotted with Jennifer, thinking she is the long-dead actress, and is prepared to kill to satisfy his obsession.
By jem:
A jade statue called the Shaolin Dog is being auctioned and Jonathan Hart purchases it for Jennifer. The main competitor at the auction is a representative of a Chinese triad but he is killed straight after the auction. When the jade is stolen during a restaurant robbery, the State Department believes that it could be the start of conflict in Asia. To help head off potential bloodshed, the Harts head to Macao to stop the triads and retrieve the statue.
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Full list of actors of Hart to Hart:
1 Pamela Bowman in the movie Hart to Hart Pamela Bowman 1979
2 Tybee Brascia in the movie Hart to Hart Tybee Brascia 1979
3 Lee (I) Bryant in the movie Hart to Hart Lee (I) Bryant 1979
4 Tara Buckman in the movie Hart to Hart Tara Buckman 1979
5 Corinne Calvet in the movie Hart to Hart Corinne Calvet 1979
6 Capucine (I) in the movie Hart to Hart Capucine (I) 1979
7 Sherre Carnes in the movie Hart to Hart Sherre Carnes 1979
8 Lilyan Chauvin in the movie Hart to Hart Lilyan Chauvin 1979
9 Kate Childers in the movie Hart to Hart Kate Childers 1979
10 Debra Clinger in the movie Hart to Hart Debra Clinger 1979
11 Carole Cook in the movie Hart to Hart Carole Cook 1979
12 Aneta Corsaut in the movie Hart to Hart Aneta Corsaut 1979
13 Kathleen Coyne in the movie Hart to Hart Kathleen Coyne 1979
14 Rita Crafts in the movie Hart to Hart Rita Crafts 1979
15 Tandy Cronyn in the movie Hart to Hart Tandy Cronyn 1979
16 Andra Akers in the movie Hart to Hart Andra Akers 1979
17 Karen Akers in the movie Hart to Hart Karen Akers 1979
18 Cristin Allen in the movie Hart to Hart Cristin Allen 1979
19 June Allyson in the movie Hart to Hart June Allyson 1979
20 Karen Anders in the movie Hart to Hart Karen Anders 1979
21 Jill Andre in the movie Hart to Hart Jill Andre 1979
22 Eve Arden in the movie Hart to Hart Eve Arden 1979
23 Edith Atwater in the movie Hart to Hart Edith Atwater 1979
24 Tai Babilonia in the movie Hart to Hart Tai Babilonia 1979
25 Ina Balin in the movie Hart to Hart Ina Balin 1979
26 Susan Bartells in the movie Hart to Hart Susan Bartells 1979
27 Carol Baxter in the movie Hart to Hart Carol Baxter 1979
28 Frances Bay in the movie Hart to Hart Frances Bay 1979
29 Anne Bellamy in the movie Hart to Hart Anne Bellamy 1979
30 Bibi Besch in the movie Hart to Hart Bibi Besch 1979
31 Ivy Bethune in the movie Hart to Hart Ivy Bethune 1979
32 Jan Bina in the movie Hart to Hart Jan Bina 1979
33 Nancy Bleier in the movie Hart to Hart Nancy Bleier 1979
34 Margaret Blye in the movie Hart to Hart Margaret Blye 1979
35 Heidi Bohay in the movie Hart to Hart Heidi Bohay 1979
36 Carol Lynley in the movie Hart to Hart Carol Lynley 1979
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