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By Will Gilbert:
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Yu-liang leaves a brothel in a small Chinese town, to become the second wife of Mr. Pan. While Pan is away at the revolution in Yunnan, Yu-liang learns to paint and takes art classes at the Shanghai Art Institute, until it is closed for painting nudes. Because she cannot bear him a son, Yu-liang leaves Pan to his first wife, and studies art in Paris, where she wins an award for a nude self-portrait. She returns to join Pan in Nanking in the 1930's, and becomes a Professor until it is discovered that she came from a brothel. She returns to Paris to live the rest of her life there, and finally gains a major exhibition of her work.
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1 Sabine Bail in the movie Hua hun Sabine Bail 1994
2 Junxia Gao in the movie Hua hun Junxia Gao 1994
3 Li Gong in the movie Hua hun Li Gong 1994
4 Fang Cen in the movie Hua hun Fang Cen 1994
5 Shichang Da in the movie Hua hun Shichang Da 1994
6 Zunxia Gao in the movie Hua hun Zunxia Gao 1994
7 Tung-Shing Yee in the movie Hua hun Tung-Shing Yee 1994
8 Shaodong Zhou in the movie Hua hun Shaodong Zhou 1994
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