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By Kenneth Chisholm :
Samar's girlfriend lover, Gayatri leaves him to marry his best friend Sid. Samar tries to do suicide frequently but luck is in his favoour. His parsi neighbour, Pastakia tries to cheer him up but finally he gives himself a supari to a contract killer to kill himself. But Samar falls in love with his contract killer, a sensual beauty Tara. She tries to kill him but she gets hit by a car. Samar takes her to the hospital. Both falls in love but main contract killer boss wants to kill both. They flee from city to survive and start a new life. When an archaeology teacher unearthed an ancient Egyptian amulet, she learns that the item was a magic piece of great power. Researching the amulet's past, she decides to use that for its original purpose. Now whenever there is trouble, she dons the amulet and chants, "Oh Mighty Isis". With that, she transforms into the Egyptian goddess, Isis, and battles evil with the power of that deity.
By Brian Washington :
High school science teacher Andrea Thomas unearths a mystical amulet that once belonged to an ancient Egyptian queen. Andrea later discovers that the amulet enables her to become the goddess Isis with the powers to control the elements. Although her secret identity is unknown to her closest friends, she uses these powers as Isis to fight crime and to help those that are in trouble.
By dav3id-2:
Fred takes his runner-up finish in the Science Fair badly, and rushes off and almost drives his car off a cliff. After the near-accident, Andrea, Fred, and Dorothy drive to a ghost town, which is "haunted" by a trio of thieves using it as a hideout.
One of Andrea's students is dealing with her father who was just recently released from prison. Andrea tells her to give him the benefit of her love. It gets difficult when she finds some of his acts as peculiar. And when there's a robbery, a detective he knows approaches him supposedly to ask for his help. When she learns her father gave the detective wrong information, she wonders what he's up to, so she tells Andrea who turns into Isis.
By gray:
Wayne is a new student at school who is described by the other students as a "hillbilly." Some boys who do not like Wayne plan to steal a rival school's raccoon mascot and frame Wayne as the thief. Wayne also gets in trouble for trying to stop the building of some houses in woods where some animals live.
By gene jenkins:
A student in need of money to buy a car, steals a device from Andrea that creates an impenetrable force field and sells it to a local crime boss. Isis goes in pursuit when she discovers the device has developed a dangerous radioactive leak.
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1 JoAnna Cameron in the movie Isis JoAnna Cameron 1975
2 Eileen Chesis in the movie Isis Eileen Chesis 1975
3 Cynthia Avila in the movie Isis Cynthia Avila 1975
4 Jewel Blanch in the movie Isis Jewel Blanch 1975
5 Jeanne Joe in the movie Isis Jeanne Joe 1975
6 Ismena Romero in the movie Isis Ismena Romero 2014
7 Debralee Scott in the movie Isis Debralee Scott 1975
8 Tania Negrete in the movie Isis Tania Negrete 2014
9 Laurette Spang in the movie Isis Laurette Spang 1975
10 Lynn Tufeld in the movie Isis Lynn Tufeld 1975
11 Sandra Vacey in the movie Isis Sandra Vacey 1975
12 Maria Xalepli in the movie Isis Maria Xalepli 2012
13 Jonas Agee in the movie Isis Jonas Agee 1975
14 Josh Albee in the movie Isis Josh Albee 1975
15 Philip Bruns in the movie Isis Philip Bruns 1975
16 James Canning in the movie Isis James Canning 1975
17 David (I) Cole in the movie Isis David (I) Cole 1975
18 Scott Colomby in the movie Isis Scott Colomby 1975
19 Hank Brandt in the movie Isis Hank Brandt 1975
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