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By Jermbuf14:
The lead guitarist, Brian, has left for a week to visit family. This causes the Kids Inc. crew to hold auditions for a new guitarist. After a failed attempt with two punks a boy in a wheel chair comes in and blows them away. Problems surface when the boy thinks he is hurting them while practicing and storms off. Ryan ends up getting mad at him and telling him it is his own attitude problem that holds him back.
By Jermbuf14:
Stacy is worried she is going to be without a date to the Sadie Hawkins dance. So she decides to ask her crush Jason. After getting cold feet, she writes a letter and has Renee read it to him for her. He eventually thinks its Renee who wants to go to the dance with him. Stacy gets mad at Renee but Ryan helps her realize that it wasn't anyone's fault. Everything ends good when Stacy clears everything up.
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Full list of actors of Kids Incorporated:
1 Wendy Brainard in the movie Kids Incorporated Wendy Brainard 1984
2 Nicole Cropper in the movie Kids Incorporated Nicole Cropper 1984
3 Deeny Dakota in the movie Kids Incorporated Deeny Dakota 1984
4 Amaris Dupree in the movie Kids Incorporated Amaris Dupree 1984
5 Haylie Johnson in the movie Kids Incorporated Haylie Johnson 1984
6 Fergie (I) in the movie Kids Incorporated Fergie (I) 1984
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