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"Eloul" a 16 year old turkey girl sexual harassment by her stepfather , and her mother did not believe her and she went with "Eloul" to the orphanage , and left her daughter "Eloul" there, then "Eloul" become friend with the girls in Orphanage and every girl have a story, and the girls trying to divorce "Eloul" mother and her husband And there's so nice girl her name is "farida" employer in the orphanage have a story with her neighbor Kirk Hartman is no longer a mischievous screw up teenage son and school kid but has a job as a graphical artist and lives alone in the city where he works. When his parents move to Europe, the tables are turned as he finds himself placed in charge as surrogate-father of his 17-year-old brother Corey, 14-year-old sister Phoebe and 7-year-old brother Russel. Meanwhile he woos the beautiful neighbor Elizabeth Waters, who still finds him rather immature but learns to appreciate his charm and kind heart while developing her maternal potential as the motherless Hartman family lacks a woman's hand. Finally there's Kirk's slick macho friend next door, Eddie Balducci.
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Copyright: Strathendrick Film Society raised the money to make this community film. Everyone agreed to work for no more than a copy of the DVD. However some people changed their mind and are with-holding their rights.The director has not handed over a copy of the film to allow copies to be made for the cast and crew. Nothing can be done with this film. Such a shame as everyone worked so hard and deserved it to be sold, seen and shared. Thanks to The Co-operative community fund and all the other funders
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1 Leesa Bryte in the movie Kirk Leesa Bryte 1995
2 Amiera Darwish in the movie Kirk Amiera Darwish 2009
3 Lisa Akey in the movie Kirk Lisa Akey 1995
4 Alitzah in the movie Kirk Alitzah 1995
5 Tangie Ambrose in the movie Kirk Tangie Ambrose 1995
6 Liz (I) Ard in the movie Kirk Liz (I) Ard 1995
7 Robyn Bliley in the movie Kirk Robyn Bliley 1995
8 Chip Fields in the movie Kirk Chip Fields 1995
9 Laurie Fortier in the movie Kirk Laurie Fortier 1995
10 Taylor Fry in the movie Kirk Taylor Fry 1995
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